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The flash, running through a streak of yellow lightning. 1
Flash Finally Takes His Place as the Justice League's Most Powerful Hero

People tend to assume that Superman brings the most clout to the Justice League, but it's actually the Flash who is the most powerful member.

Batman in Detective Comics #1062 and Joker from Joker War 1
Joker's Greatest Fear Has Already Come True in One Nightmare Reality

As everyone in the DC Universe falls under the effects of Insomnia's nightmare magic, the Joker has the worst nightmare he has ever had.

TMNT: Raphael and Splinter's Strikers.  1
"Splinter's Strikers:" TMNT Reveals Why Splinter Clan's Membership Exploded After Raphael's Death

While Raphael's death in The Last Ronin was tragic, it opened a new chapter in the TMNT's history, as it lead to the creation of Splinter's Strikers.

Dead by Daylight Multiverse 1
Dead by Daylight's Multiverse Is Even More Ambitious Than Fans Imagined

Dead by Daylight's horror multiverse has always been gigantic, but now its interconnectedness is finally being laid bare to fans.

carnage surpasses venom 1
Carnage Officially Surpasses Venom By Overcoming The Symbiotes' Big Weaknesses

Carnage is on a mission across the multiverse, gaining strength to take down his ultimate enemy, and in doing so, has become stronger than even Venom.

Image from WEBTOON's Forever, part of the Love Stories anthology 1
WEBTOON's Love Stories Is a Visually Spectacular Celebration of LGBTQ+ Love (Review)

WEBTOON released the three-episode Love Stories anthology for Pride Month, debuting a star-studded showcase of what love and romance can be.

my happy marriage anime 1
New Netflix Romance Anime is Already Summer 2023's Sleeper Hit

My Happy Marriage is different than any other romance series released this year, capturing fan's hearts with its heartfelt tale.

spider-man spider-boy spider-sense spidman 1
Spider-Man's Sidekick Has a Huge Upgrade on Peter Parker's Spider-Sense

Spider-Boy is a new addition to Marvel's Spider-Verse with classic Spider-Man abilities and a powered-up twist on Spider-Sense.

Death Doctor Strange Screen Rant 1
Doctor Strange's Oldest Plot Hole Gets an Incredibly Satisfying Solution

The War of the Seven Spheres is one of Doctor Strange's oldest mysteries, but now it has at long last received a satisfying explanation.

Luke Skywalker and an evil C-3PO. 1
C-3PO Just Officially Betrayed Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion

C-3PO has been overtaken by a malevolent force in the Star Wars galaxy, and as a result, has officially betrayed Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion.

x-men dazzler powers 1
X-Men's R-Rated Hero Death Is Bringing Back Its Ultimate Healing Factor - Theory Explained

Marvel just brutally killed off X-Men's Dazzler, but it's likely this is just the precursor to the return of her ability to return from death.

jon kent superman from dc comics with the dceu justice league 1
"The One I'm Most Afraid Of": Superman Admits the 1 Justice League Hero Who Terrifies Him

Wonder Woman is one of the Justice League's deadliest members, and the Injustice Universe version of her is particularly quick to use lethal force.

Doctor Doom Iron Man and Deadpool against an X-Men Hellfire Gala background 1
Doctor Doom, Iron Man & Deadpool Shine in Jaw-Dropping Hellfire Gala Cosplay

The cosplays from Krakoa’s biggest night highlight all the different corners of the Marvel Universe, from the X-Men to their friends and enemies.

Superman Jon Kent and Green Lantern Hal Jordan 1
"Faster Than Fear": Superman Just Proved He Can Beat Green Lantern in 1 Move

Jon Kent cuts a path through the Justice League, outpacing one universe's Hal Jordan and proving that even fear cannot slow Superman down.

Batman Beyond and the original Rogues Gallery.  1
Batman Beyond Debuts the Stunning Final Form of an Iconic Gotham Villain

Batman Beyond has a habit of expanding on the ideas and characters that originated in the original Batman, including and especially 1 classic villain.

ms. marvel in her x-men uniform, sans bangle 1
Ms. Marvel's New X-Men Costume Is Missing 1 Vital Detail

Kamala Khan may be a relatively young character, but her Ms. Marvel uniform is already iconic, and her X-Men redesign is missing one defining aspect.

The Fantastic Four stand around a cut out figure 1
The Last Marvel Villain You Would Expect Just Broke the Fantastic Four Forever

In Marvel's What If...Dark: Venom one-shot, the aftermath of iconic crossover even Secret Wars goes horribly awry for the Fantastic Four.

Iron Man and Tony Stark 1
Iron Man Officially Has His Own Version of Kryptonite (& Tony Stark Invented It)

Iron Man's new defense mechanism shows that he can upload viruses into other suits, which poses a huge problem for Tony Stark's future.

Batman vs. Nightwing DC 1
Batman vs. Nightwing Could Destroy the Batman and Robin Legacy — Forever

Solicitations for an upcoming issue of Batman suggest the Dark Knight is going to war with Nightwing, and the fallout could destroy the Bat-Family.

Injustice Wonder Woman Holding Sword 1
Wonder Woman's Cruelest Alternate Version Doesn't Make Sense, DC Admits

Wonder Woman is a character known for her compassion and kindness, but one version of her is completely bloodthirsty — and she shouldn't exist.