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Batman in Detective Comics #1062 and Joker from Joker War 1
Joker's Greatest Fear Has Already Come True in One Nightmare Reality

As everyone in the DC Universe falls under the effects of Insomnia's nightmare magic, the Joker has the worst nightmare he has ever had.

Yoko-Kurama-and-Hiei-from-Yu-Yu-Hakusho-laughing 1
10 Funniest Moments in Yu Yu Hakusho's Dub That Are Still Hilarious

The subbed and dubbed versions of Yu Yu Hakusho provide different viewer experiences, but the dub still contains some hilarious lines and deliveries.

TMNT: Raphael and Splinter's Strikers.  1
"Splinter's Strikers:" TMNT Reveals Why Splinter Clan's Membership Exploded After Raphael's Death

While Raphael's death in The Last Ronin was tragic, it opened a new chapter in the TMNT's history, as it lead to the creation of Splinter's Strikers.

batman batmobile train 1
1 Gotham Hero's Ride Is Officially 20 Times Faster Than the Batmobile

Batman's Batmobile is a super fast super car that can run down any vehicle on the road, with one Bat-Family member having a ride that's even faster!

Boba Fett's Sarlacc  1
Boba Fett's Comical ROTJ "Death" Was Actually His Fault

One of the most controversial moments in Star Wars has been completely redefined as Boba Fett's biggest flaw reveals his "death" to be his fault.

Dragon Ball Super: Moro in front of the Earth's defenders. 1
Dragon Ball Super's Moro Arc Finally Changed An Annoying Series Tradition

Dragon Ball Super's Moro storyline shook up a long-running tradition by giving the weaker Z-Fighters battles of their own to handle, rather than Goku.

Dead by Daylight Multiverse 1
Dead by Daylight's Multiverse Is Even More Ambitious Than Fans Imagined

Dead by Daylight's horror multiverse has always been gigantic, but now its interconnectedness is finally being laid bare to fans.

Red Hood, Jason Todd, Croc featured image 1
Red Hood Got Closure on His Origin in a Way No Other Gotham Hero Ever Will

Almost every member of the Batfamily has a tragic backstory, but Jason Todd was one of the few characters to make peace with his past.

carnage surpasses venom 1
Carnage Officially Surpasses Venom By Overcoming The Symbiotes' Big Weaknesses

Carnage is on a mission across the multiverse, gaining strength to take down his ultimate enemy, and in doing so, has become stronger than even Venom.

deathstroke 1
15 Most Important Deathstroke Moments That Define DC's Ultimate Assassin

Deathstroke is one of the best assassins in the DCU, but what earned him that title? Discover 15 of the most important moments in Slade Wilson’s life.

Goodbye, Eri Cover Header 1
Goodbye, Eri Review: A Good Kind of Social Media Experiment

Chainsaw Man’s Tatsuki Fujimoto switches up gears in a heartfelt coming-of-age story of romance that hits all the right notes.

Image from WEBTOON's Forever, part of the Love Stories anthology 1
WEBTOON's Love Stories Is a Visually Spectacular Celebration of LGBTQ+ Love (Review)

WEBTOON released the three-episode Love Stories anthology for Pride Month, debuting a star-studded showcase of what love and romance can be.

my happy marriage anime 1
New Netflix Romance Anime is Already Summer 2023's Sleeper Hit

My Happy Marriage is different than any other romance series released this year, capturing fan's hearts with its heartfelt tale.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 1
Green Arrow's Love for Black Canary Complicates His Playboy Reputation

Green Arrow is often considered among the DCU's iconic playboys, but his deep devotion to his love Black Canary challenges that reputation.

V for Vendetta Ending Explained 1
V for Vendetta Already Confirmed 1 Huge Movie Fan Theory Is 100% Correct

V for Vendetta's movie finale ends with a protest after V is able to produce and ship thousands of masks - here's how he managed it.

spider-man spider-boy spider-sense spidman 1
Spider-Man's Sidekick Has a Huge Upgrade on Peter Parker's Spider-Sense

Spider-Boy is a new addition to Marvel's Spider-Verse with classic Spider-Man abilities and a powered-up twist on Spider-Sense.

Death Doctor Strange Screen Rant 1
Doctor Strange's Oldest Plot Hole Gets an Incredibly Satisfying Solution

The War of the Seven Spheres is one of Doctor Strange's oldest mysteries, but now it has at long last received a satisfying explanation.

My Hero Academia Impactful Moments 1
10 Most Impactful My Hero Academia Moments

My Hero Academia is a series filled with moments that leave a major impact on both its world and its fans, but these are ten that stand out the most.

Batman standing in front of Shazam 1
Batman's Anti-Shazam Contingency Is His Most Humiliating Plan

Batman and Shazam don't usually butt heads but in a past issue of Teen Titans, Batman humiliates this iconic character with a simple contingency plan.

Luke Skywalker and an evil C-3PO. 1
C-3PO Just Officially Betrayed Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion

C-3PO has been overtaken by a malevolent force in the Star Wars galaxy, and as a result, has officially betrayed Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion.