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Nightwing crouching with the entire Bat-Family crowded around him 1
15 Most Important Nightwing Moments That Define the Character

Dick Grayson aka Nightwing has been through a lot in his long career as a hero, with more than a few moments from his past defining who he is today!

Yoko-Kurama-and-Hiei-from-Yu-Yu-Hakusho-laughing 1
10 Funniest Moments in Yu Yu Hakusho's Dub That Are Still Hilarious

The subbed and dubbed versions of Yu Yu Hakusho provide different viewer experiences, but the dub still contains some hilarious lines and deliveries.

deathstroke 1
15 Most Important Deathstroke Moments That Define DC's Ultimate Assassin

Deathstroke is one of the best assassins in the DCU, but what earned him that title? Discover 15 of the most important moments in Slade Wilson’s life.

My Hero Academia Impactful Moments 1
10 Most Impactful My Hero Academia Moments

My Hero Academia is a series filled with moments that leave a major impact on both its world and its fans, but these are ten that stand out the most.

10 Anime Heroes Who Would Crush Goku in a Fight

While Son Goku may be the most fearsome fighter in the universe, he is not invincible. Here are 10 anime heroes that can make him bend a knee.

Flash Family DC Comics 1
10 Fastest Speedsters in The Flash Family

The Flash Family is one of the largest heroic units in the DCU, but how do their speedsters rank? Find out who comes in first when it comes to speed.

Superhero Powers Vision Mercury Iron Fist 1
20 Uncommon Superpowers That Would Be Awesome In Real Life

Flight, super strength, and telekinesis are undeniably popular abilities, but fiction's forgotten and unsung heroes rarely have such practical powers.

Superman King Ghidorah and Rodan DC 1
Justice League vs Godzilla: 15 Titans the Epic Crossover Needs to Include

The Justice League is soon to square off with Godzilla and Kong, but there are several other Titans that could make the crossover even better.

Batman Justice League 1
10 Corrupted Heroes Who Prove Batman Needs MORE Anti-Justice League Plans

Batman is known for having contingency plans for taking out his allies if necessary, and history has showed that his caution may not go far enough.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Funny Moments. 1
10 Funniest Dragon Ball Moments

Dragon Ball has some of the greatest fights and action sequences in anime history, but it also has some of the funniest moments. Here are the top 10!

Venom Evolution 1
10 Most Important Venom Moments That Defined the Symbiote Anti-Hero

From villain to anti-hero to symbiote god, Venom has had one of the most expansive arcs in all of Marvel Comics. Here are his top 10 defining moments.

batman forgotten allies 1
10 Most Underrated Batman Allies Everyone Always Forgets

Batman's Bat-Family is huge in modern comics, but there are many talented members who have fallen by the wayside, despite having a lot to offer.

Best Isekai Anime 1
10 Best Isekai Anime Of All Time

In isekai like The Vision of Escaflowne and The Boy and the Beast, characters travel to other worlds, becoming powerful heroes in their adventures.

the far side jaws movie 1
10 Funniest Far Side Comics That Reference Iconic Movies

Some of The Far Side's funniest comics reference classic movies including King Kong, The Godfather, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

pjimage 1
10 Darkest Moments in One Piece

Playful camaraderie aside, One Piece has some seriously harrowing dark moments that only seem to be increasing as the story winds down to the end.

Wonder Woman 800 Cover DC 1
15 Most Important Wonder Woman Moments That Define Her History & Lore

As a pillar of the DCU, Wonder Woman has a lot of adventures and iconic moments under her belt. See which moments truly define the Amazonian warrior.

Batman and the Justice League. 1
15 Best Anti-Justice League Weapons Batman Has Only Used Once

Batman has contingency plans ready in case any members of the Justice League go bad, including himself. He's had to use these plans before. Often.

spider-man history 1
15 Most Important Spider-Man Moments That Defined His Marvel History

Spider-Man's 60-year history has given the webslinger countless character-defining moments. Here are 15 of his most important milestones.

Strongest Anime Student Councils From Kill la Kill and Utena 1
10 Strongest Anime Student Councils You Wouldn't Want To Mess With

Student councils in anime are often outrageously strong, which can be played for either humor or drama, as in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Food Wars!

Coolest Green Lanterns DC 1
15 Coolest Green Lanterns No-One Ever Remembers

The Green Lantern Corps has thousands of members in its ranks, and these 15 heroes are some of the most interesting ring-slingers people forget about.