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Created by:
Bob Kane, Bill Finger
First Film:
Batman (1989)
Latest Film:
The Batman
Upcoming Films:
The Batman - Part II
First TV Show:
Batman 1960s
Latest TV Show:
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
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Batman standing in front of Shazam 1
Batman's Anti-Shazam Contingency Is His Most Humiliating Plan

Batman and Shazam don't usually butt heads but in a past issue of Teen Titans, Batman humiliates this iconic character with a simple contingency plan.

Ben Affleck Batman Deathstroke 1
Ben Affleck’s Canceled Batman Movie: What Went Wrong & What We Know About It

New details have emerged about Ben Affleck's unmade Batman movie - we rundown everything that has been revealed about Affleck's film.

Batman vs. Nightwing DC 1
Batman vs. Nightwing Could Destroy the Batman and Robin Legacy — Forever

Solicitations for an upcoming issue of Batman suggest the Dark Knight is going to war with Nightwing, and the fallout could destroy the Bat-Family.

Composite image for Joker: One Operation Joker featuring the titular villain, Batman, and Baby Batman. 1
Batman Finally Beat the Joker... By Turning into a Baby

Batman and Joker have been at odds for years, but now a DC manga series is revealing how the Dark Knight can defeat of Joker - in the weirdest way.

Batman Justice League 1
10 Corrupted Heroes Who Prove Batman Needs MORE Anti-Justice League Plans

Batman is known for having contingency plans for taking out his allies if necessary, and history has showed that his caution may not go far enough.

The Flash's official poster next to Christian Bale as Batman 1
DC's Biggest Missing Batman Cameo Is Best Left Unexplored

Despite the abundance of DC projects dealing with cameos of late, one DC character has been absent in a move that is probably for the best.

Batman, covered in his cowl, and Robin beside him. 1
"Crusades Are Terrible Things": Batman Hates His Iconic Nickname (for a Good Reason)

In a surprising move, Batman speaks out against the implications of one of his most famous nicknames. Does the Caped Crusader hate his own crusade?

batman forgotten allies 1
10 Most Underrated Batman Allies Everyone Always Forgets

Batman's Bat-Family is huge in modern comics, but there are many talented members who have fallen by the wayside, despite having a lot to offer.

Ben Affleck as Batman in Zack Snyder's Justice League 1
Ben Affleck’s Canceled Batman Movie Called “F**king Awesome” By Insider As New Details Emerge

While Ben Affleck's Batman movie never happened, the canceled DCEU film would have been a unique experience, according to a massive DC insider.

Green Arrow and Batman Jason Fabok Art 1
Green Arrow's Version of a Classic Batman Foe Debuted 17 Years Earlier

Green Arrow and Batman often steal gimmicks and gadgets from each other, but Green Arrow had one iconic villain years before the Dark Knight.

Batman and the Justice League. 1
15 Best Anti-Justice League Weapons Batman Has Only Used Once

Batman has contingency plans ready in case any members of the Justice League go bad, including himself. He's had to use these plans before. Often.

Injustice Superman vs. Batman 1
Batman Will Never Admit That He & Injustice's Evil Superman Are The Same

Batman and Superman fought for years in the Injustice universe, but a long-overlooked conclusion might just prove that Batman agreed with Superman.

spiderman psychology at sdcc 1
SDCC 2023: Dr. Travis Langley On His Batman, Spider-Man & Doctor Who Psychology Books

Dr. Travis Langley discusses hs Batman, Spider-Man, and Doctor Who psychology books, including how trauma impacts them and why they are popular.

batman judges justice league 1
Batman Secretly Wants One Justice League Hero’s Powers

As Batman is trapped in a living nightmare, the abilities of one Justice League member could be the secret to helping Batman survive the experience.

batman meets huntress daughter 1
Batman Meeting His Daughter Just Transformed DC's Entire Future

Batman finally meets his future daughter, the Huntress. However, in helping her father avoid a grisly fate, Helena Wayne makes big changes to the DCU.

Green Arrow and Batman Jason Fabok Art 1
Green Arrow Uses His Money To Stop Crime So Much Better Than Batman

Batman has been using his wealth for years to heal Gotham City, but Green Arrow has been using his money to help people much more directly.

Alex Ross 70s Batman Villains 1
Batman's Legendary Contingency Plans Can Be Beaten With One Dumb Trick

Batman is famous for having a contingency plan for any situation that arises, but it turns out one simple trick can completely defeat the Dark Knight.

Christian Bale Batman The Flash 1
The DCU's Rebooted Batman Must Avoid Nolan's Dark Knight Grit (& The Flash Proves It'll Happen)

The Brave and the Bold's Batman should move away from the gritty seriousness of Bale's Bruce Wayne and embrace some silliness for once.

Batman and Nightwing in DC Comics 1
Nightwing's Killer Instinct Could Lead to Batman's Downfall

Nightwing is one of the most beloved heroes in the DC Universe, but his greatest fears prove his killer instinct might bring down Batman.

Michael Keaton's Batman in The Flash, Batgirl, and Aquaman 2 1
DC Wasted 31 Years, 3 Movies & $500M Just To Insult Michael Keaton's Batman

Michael Keaton's Batman almost became DC's definitive live-action Dark Knight, but Warner Bros. repeatedly prevented that from happening.