Warning: contains spoilers for X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1!The mutant hero Alison Blaire - better known as Dazzler - is one of the X-Men's most iconic characters. Over the years Marvel has shown Dazzler to be effectively immortal, a power that has never been seen in the Krakoan Age, and would come in very handy after Alison's recent murder at the hands of Nimrod in X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1.

Alison Blaire first debuted in Marvel Comics in 1979s X-Men #130 as the disco dazzling popstar Dazzler, with the powerful ability to transform sound into light, and quickly became a fan favorite, especially after her prominent role in the beloved '90s X-Men arcade game. While Dazzler was unfortunately not the winner of this year's X-Men fan vote, the powerful mutant was chosen to join the new team of X-Men led by Synch and Talon, moments before her and many of her teammates were tragically slaughtered by the brute force of Nimrod and the mutantphobic agency Orchis in X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1, from writer Gerry Duggan and a slew of talented artists (in an attack too gory to show in full here.) However, given Dazzler's past healing powers, there's reason to expect she'll return soon.

Dazzler's Immortality Was Never Explained

Dazzler Immortal New Excalibur #1

While it may come as a surprise to readers who aren't well acquainted with Dazzler's history, she has been shown to be unable to die since 2005's New Excalibur #1, reviving from death after a heart attack with no explanation. While at first glance this might have seemed like a fluke, Alison would go on to resurrect from death several times over the next decade, including in X-Treme X-Men and multiple times during her time with A-Force. In fact, after one shocking resurrection in 2016's A-Force #4, She-Hulk asked Dazzler if she had any idea what her apparent immortality stemmed from. The mutant had absolutely zero idea, joking that she might be like a cat with nine lives, even revealing she has revived from full death at least 5 times.

Dazzler Staying Dead Would Actually Create a Plot Hole

x-men a-force dazzler powers

After A-Force, it seemed like Marvel has completely forgotten about Dazzler's immortality, either as an editorial mandate, or because no writer has found a proper use for this mysterious power. Of course, since the Krakoan Age began in 2019, every mutant has been immortal, due to the Five's resurrection capabilities, but now that the Five are presumed dead post-Hellfire Gala, Dazzler's immunity to death would be incredibly helpful and fascinating. In fact, Dazzler's mysterious immortality could make her one of the X-Men's most powerful assets in the Fall of X era. At her strongest, Dazzler has the fire power to kill Thanos, making her a major big gun now that there are only a handful of mutants still fighting.

Dazzler's Resurrection Can Have More Impact Than Her Death

Hellfire Gala Dazzler and Jubilee Dead

Dazzler was one of the front-runners in X-Men's recent fan vote, meaning that until very recently, Marvel's writers and editors would have been preparing for the possibility she'd need to survive the massacre (as was the case for eventual winner Juggernaut.) It therefore makes sense that Marvel would plan to resurrect Dazzler even if she lost, allowing the comic's creative team to plan for her continued presence either way. With Dazzler's long-established power of healing from death added to this convenience, logic dictates she'll return soon. Given there are only a handful of X-Men left to fight Orchis, resurrecting Dazzler down the line would be the perfect way to bring in surprise reinforcements.

Dazzler's death - along with other beloved mutants like Jubilee, Jean Grey, Frenzy, and Cannonball - was incredibly traumatic and tragic, and it would give the rebelling mutants who survived the Hellfire Gala hope if Alison came back to life. Plus, Dazzler is one of the mutants most beloved and respected by humanity (in one possible timeline, she becomes the president), so getting her back in the public eye could go a long way for the X-Men's currently terrible public relations. While it's possible Marvel will continue to ignore Dazzler's resurrection power, it would be an amazing twist to see her rejoin the X-Men thanks to a dangling plot thread that has long needed a pay-off.

X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores.