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Representation of the all new Beats Studio Pro headphones over a colorful background with the Apple logo 1
10 Things To Consider Before Buying The Beats Studio Pro

If you're planning to get a new pair of over-ear, noise-canceling headphones, here are ten reasons to consider the all-new Beats Studio Pro by Apple.

Image of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5  1
10 New Features & Upgrades Of The Galaxy Z Fold 5 And Flip 5

From the Galaxy Z Flip 5's new Flex Window to the Fold 5's slimmer S Pen, here's everything you need to know about Samsung's fifth-gen foldables.

Spotify Hidden Features 1
10 Hidden Spotify Features You Probably Didn't Know Existed

From searchable Made For You playlists, to Google Maps integration, to a Snake game, these are the best Spotify features that you should know about.

Screenshots of the best scanning apps for iPhone and Android 1
10 Best Scanning Apps For iPhone & Android

If you're looking for the best document scanning apps for iPhone or Android, here's a list of 10 apps that provide the best overall experience.

Representation of Instagram Threads app 1
15 Features Thread Needs To Add To Beat Out Twitter

Although Instagram Threads provides a stable experience for a new app, it lacks a lot of features that seem necessary for the platform.

Image representing several Android 14 features 1
10 New Features Coming To Your Phone With Android 14

From larger fonts and a new Find My Experience to Generative AI Wallpapers, here are some cool new features coming to your phone with Android 14.

Screenshots of different podcast apps for Android and iPhone 1
10 Best Podcast Apps For iPhone & Android

With features like playback speed controls, audio booster, and sleep timer, here's a list of the 10 best podcast apps for Android and iPhones.

Representation of new emojis added to Android and iOS in 2023 1
12 Best New Emojis Added In 2023 & What They Mean (iOS & Android)

From a pink heart and pushing hands, to a shaking face, here are a few of our favorite new emojis for iOS and Android, and what they mean.

three different images of free wallpapers for iPhone 1
10 Best Free Wallpaper Apps For iPhone In 2023, Ranked

Looking for a great wallpaper app for iPhone, but don't want to pay to use it? These are the best free wallpaper apps on the App Store.

Pixel 7a with its box and accessories 1
5 Things We Love About The Pixel 7a (& 5 Things We Wish Were Better)

From a more powerful chipset inside to a new set of cameras, there's plenty to love about the Pixel 7a. However, the phone has a few shortcomings too.

Representation of weirdest mobile phone with three different mobile phones 1
12 Weirdest Mobile Phones Ever Released

Before iOS and Android dominated the market, brands designed some pretty crazy mobile phones. Here's a look at the weirdest phones ever released.

10 Tech Hacks That Will Genuinely Make Your Life Easier 1
10 Tech Hacks That Will Genuinely Make Your Life Easier

From lesser known keyboard shortcuts to hidden settings on computers and smartphones, here are 10 tech hack that will make your life easier.

8 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT To Plan Your Next Vacation 1
8 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT To Plan Your Next Vacation

From deciding a destination and defining your budget, to getting a comprehensive itinerary, here's how you can use ChatGPT to plan your next vacation.

!0 questions that Apple needs to answer before releasing Vision Pro 1
10 Questions Apple Needs To Answer Before Releasing Its Vision Pro Headset

Although Apple unveiled quite a lot of details about the Vision Pro, the company still left potential buyers with a lot of unanswered questions.

June 2023 Android Feature Drop 1
7 Cool & Useful New Features For Android Smartphones and Wear OS

From Reading Practice and new emojis for Emoji Kitchen, to Spotify tiles for Wear OS, here are some great new features coming to Android users.

10 Easy Ways To Improve Apple's Next iPhone 1
10 Easy Ways To Improve Apple's Next iPhone

From faster wired charging to 120Hz high refresh rate displays across the lineup, here are 10 changes we want to see on Apple's next iPhone.

Two side by side images of Star Trek gifts 1
The Best Star Trek Gifts For That Trekkie You Love

From t-shirts and books to coffee mugs and Bluetooth speakers, there are tons of great gift ideas for Star Trek fans on Amazon Prime.

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Representation of 10 ways ChatGPT can massively improve your productivity  1
9 Ways ChatGPT Can Massively Improve Your Productivity

From drafting emails, translating phrases, to creating day plans and brainstorming ideas, here are 9 ways ChatGPT can improve your productivity.

GeForce RTX  4060 and 4060 Ti 1
7 Things You Need To Know About Nvidia’s RTX 4060 & 4060 Ti GPUs

Nvidia has released two new graphic cards for gamers. Here's what you need to know about the RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti GPUs before buying.

Image of the Amazon Echo Pop in all four colors 1
7 Things You Should Know About Amazon's Echo Pop Before Buying

Amazon just released a brand new smart speaker called Echo Pop, adding to its family of Alexa-enabled smart home devices. Here’s what it offers.