Warning: contains spoilers for Dead by Daylight #2!The next chapter in the Legion's origin story has made the Dead by Daylight multiverse bigger than fans ever expected. It's been well-established for years now that Dead by Daylight takes place in a multiverse. This revelation - first unveiled in the trailer for the game's sixth Tome - ultimately stated that there are endless versions of these characters from various corners of the multiverse, through the lens of seeing multiple Yui Kimuras both dead and alive. This choice to explore different universes was also made to help explain the inclusion of the game's most popular pre-existing horror characters such as Freddy Krueger and, soon, the Xenomorph from Alien, without saying they're from the same dimension. However, a new comic has ultimately proved just how massive Dead by Daylight's multiverse is, and it's much larger than fans originally perceived.

Dead by Daylight #2 by Nadia Shammas and Dilon Snook features a few references to other killers that exist in Dead by Daylight's lore. For starters, Julie tells Frank in the abandoned Mount Ormond Resort a story of an abandoned mine that collapsed and killed nearly 13 people. This is nearly identical to the origin of the game's iconic Trapper killer, who rigged the mines at the MacMillan Estate to explode and trapped the workers underneath. Then, the Legion members go to a video store where they rent a movie from something called the Coldwind series. These are essentially films based on the Hillbilly, a killer that murdered his abusive family and continued to kill at his home in Coldwind Farm before the Entity took him. The character even makes a brief cameo as the group watches the film. These brief moments may seem like obligatory references, but they also work as a way to make the world of Dead by Daylight feel more connected.

Dead by Daylight Confirms Connections Across the Multiverse

dead by daylight mine

What's fascinating about these winks to the Trapper and the Hillbilly is that they ultimately suggest which killers were from the same universe before they were taken by the Entity. Based on the legend that Julie shares with Frank, it seems like the Trapper and the Legion exist in the same universe together because it's a story that they've heard about. If the comic looked further back, it wouldn't be surprising to see some news stories that confirm this. However, the Hillbilly is obviously from a separate universe. Dead by Daylight confirmed in its Archives that horrific acts in one universe can be viewed as entertainment for another. These terrifying events come off as inspiration for artists in another universe, which then become part of their world's artistic expression. While Julie does state that the film featuring the Hillbilly they're watching is loosely "based on a true story," the accurate depiction of the character on the screen suggests that he lived in a different universe.

These References Open the Door to a More Connected Multiverse

dead by daylight coldwind

It was originally pretty surprising to see that the first Dead by Daylight comic would only focus on one band of killers over its entire roster. However, the decision to explore where other killers fit into the Legion's story helps it feel more connected to the franchise as a whole. There are no limits to what this story can do now because it's opened a gateway to every corner of the multiverse without the Legion needing to truly reach out and touch it. Different killers aren't just from different worlds, but rather interconnected in ways which might even significantly influence each other's realities. Interestingly, the Legion were also aware of several Killers before being chosen by the Entity - is there a larger connection afoot?

The possibilities are literally endless now for Dead by Daylight. These seemingly minor references to other killers have shown just how massive the franchise's multiverse really is. There's no telling who has interacted with who or how they've heard about a killer or survivor who they eventually meet in the realm of the Entity. Multiverses are always an expansive topic, and the way Dead by Daylight's comic is exploring the franchise's own has made it far bigger than fans ever imagined.

Dead by Daylight #2 is available now from Titan Comics!