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green lantern batman 1
Batman's Green Lantern Costume Proves He'll Never Overcome His Biggest Flaw

Batman's brief stint as a Green Lantern was enough to prove that green uniform just isn't his color. He always finds a way to do his own thing.

Colossus and Hulk.  1
Sorry Colossus - New X-Men Replacements Include a Hulk-Strength Hero

Colossus always filled the same conceptual role on the X-Men that Hulk does on the Avengers, but now, there's a new Hulk-strength hero to replace him.

batman batmobile train 1
1 Gotham Hero's Ride Is Officially 20 Times Faster Than the Batmobile

Batman's Batmobile is a super fast super car that can run down any vehicle on the road, with one Bat-Family member having a ride that's even faster!

Boba Fett's Sarlacc  1
Boba Fett's Comical ROTJ "Death" Was Actually His Fault

One of the most controversial moments in Star Wars has been completely redefined as Boba Fett's biggest flaw reveals his "death" to be his fault.

Dragon Ball Super: Moro in front of the Earth's defenders. 1
Dragon Ball Super's Moro Arc Finally Changed An Annoying Series Tradition

Dragon Ball Super's Moro storyline shook up a long-running tradition by giving the weaker Z-Fighters battles of their own to handle, rather than Goku.

Red Hood, Jason Todd, Croc featured image 1
Red Hood Got Closure on His Origin in a Way No Other Gotham Hero Ever Will

Almost every member of the Batfamily has a tragic backstory, but Jason Todd was one of the few characters to make peace with his past.

Goodbye, Eri Cover Header 1
Goodbye, Eri Review: A Good Kind of Social Media Experiment

Chainsaw Man’s Tatsuki Fujimoto switches up gears in a heartfelt coming-of-age story of romance that hits all the right notes.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 1
Green Arrow's Love for Black Canary Complicates His Playboy Reputation

Green Arrow is often considered among the DCU's iconic playboys, but his deep devotion to his love Black Canary challenges that reputation.

V for Vendetta Ending Explained 1
V for Vendetta Already Confirmed 1 Huge Movie Fan Theory Is 100% Correct

V for Vendetta's movie finale ends with a protest after V is able to produce and ship thousands of masks - here's how he managed it.

Batman standing in front of Shazam 1
Batman's Anti-Shazam Contingency Is His Most Humiliating Plan

Batman and Shazam don't usually butt heads but in a past issue of Teen Titans, Batman humiliates this iconic character with a simple contingency plan.

Bumblebee and its transformed version in Transformers Rise of the Beasts 1
Transformers' New Continuity Needs to Reject 1 Bay Movie Decision

Now that the Transformers are back in the Energon Universe, it's the perfect time for the franchise to reverse one major Bay-verse decision.

Close up of DeForest Kelley as Bones McCoy from TOS 1
Star Trek: Doctor McCoy’s Daughter Exposed His Shocking Dark Side

Doctor McCoy is a model of empathy and compassion in the Star Trek universe - but a chance encounter with his daughter exposed his dark side.

Thor and the MCU Avengers. 1
Even Thor Admits 1 Beloved MCU Avenger Is Basically a God

Thor is the only literal god within the original Avengers lineup, but after spending time with them he admits that one fellow hero is basically a god.

Still from Star Trek TOS  1
The Klingons' Silliest Scheme Called Out a Star Trek Franchise Trope

A ridiculous, out of character scheme concocted the Klingons called out a classic Star Trek trope in Marvel's 1980 Star Trek comic run.

Old Biff aiming gun at young Biff's head while he drives 1
Back to the Future II Skipped Future-Biff's Incredibly Dark Backstory

Biff is the iconic antagonist of Back to the Future, with the comic, Biff to the Future, exploring his alternate 1985 backstory not seen in the films!

Spider-Gwen featured 1
Spider-Gwen Just Became Marvel's Ultimate Symbol of Redemption

Spider-Gwen has faced down plenty of enemies, but one unexpected villain is challenging her idea of what it means to be "bad" in the first place.

Goku And Vegeta Forgot About Dragon Ball Super's Most Dangerous Villain

A minor villain from the Moro Arc of Dragon Ball Super was terrifying, but Goku and Vegeta forgot he's still at large and more dangerous than ever.

TMNT's Leonardo fighting a Triceraton.  1
TMNT's Victory Over Their Oldest Foes Created an Even Deadlier Threat

Upon defeating the oldest villains in their history, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles unwittingly created an all-new threat that became even worse.

Demon-Slayer-Rengoku-clseup 1
Demon Slayer's Rengoku is Deeper in the Anime Than in The Mugen Train Movie

The serialized adaptation of Demon Slayer's Mugen Train movie expands on Rengoku significantly, giving him a whole episode's worth of focus.

My Hero Academia: An excited young Deku. 1
My Hero Academia Has Exactly One Chance to Reveal Deku's Father

MHA creator Kohei Horikoshi promised fans would see Deku's father in the manga, but with the finale closing in, there's really only one chance left.