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Dashiel Reaves is a writer for ScreenRant, growing up he was always around comics due to his parents' involvement with Batman The Animated Series and various other comic book properties! He absolutely adores comics and always has for as long as he could read. He wants to try and share his love and passion for them with others.

Industry Focus

Since he grew up around his parents working on Batman the Animated Series, Dashiel has always loved Batman and the DC Universe. It's where his primary center of comic book knowledge is and it's what he enjoys talking about the most. Most of his articles are going to be about the DC Trinity because of this.

Favorite Media

While Dashiel's absolute favorite comic media is Hellblazer, he's also a huge fan of Batman and Superman. The dark city of Gotham and the bright buildings of Metropolis are something that is endlessly fascinating to him. Hopefully, this fascination comes off in his writing and is able to captivate readers just as much as it's captivated him.

Batman in Detective Comics #1062 and Joker from Joker War 1
Joker's Greatest Fear Has Already Come True in One Nightmare Reality

As everyone in the DC Universe falls under the effects of Insomnia's nightmare magic, the Joker has the worst nightmare he has ever had.

Red Hood, Jason Todd, Croc featured image 1
Red Hood Got Closure on His Origin in a Way No Other Gotham Hero Ever Will

Almost every member of the Batfamily has a tragic backstory, but Jason Todd was one of the few characters to make peace with his past.

Injustice Wonder Woman Holding Sword 1
Wonder Woman's Cruelest Alternate Version Doesn't Make Sense, DC Admits

Wonder Woman is a character known for her compassion and kindness, but one version of her is completely bloodthirsty — and she shouldn't exist.

Jon Kent going all out 1
Superman's Son Finally Uses the One Ability Clark Won't

Jon and Clark Kent have both been sharing the mantle of Superman, but it seems Jon is finally willing to use one power his father won't.

Batman Justice League 1
10 Corrupted Heroes Who Prove Batman Needs MORE Anti-Justice League Plans

Batman is known for having contingency plans for taking out his allies if necessary, and history has showed that his caution may not go far enough.

Daredevil Matt Murdock Court 1
Daredevil's Wildest Court Case Was When He Sued Himself

Daredevil manages to balance life as both a vigilante and a lawyer, but those two identities clashed when Matt Murdock took on Daredevil in court.

Superman and the Chained 1
Superman's Ultra-Powerful New Villain is Officially An Unstoppable Force

Superman has been up against the most powerful enemies DC has to offer, but his new villain the Chained might be too much for the Man of Steel.

batman forgotten allies 1
10 Most Underrated Batman Allies Everyone Always Forgets

Batman's Bat-Family is huge in modern comics, but there are many talented members who have fallen by the wayside, despite having a lot to offer.

Green Arrow and Batman Jason Fabok Art 1
Green Arrow's Version of a Classic Batman Foe Debuted 17 Years Earlier

Green Arrow and Batman often steal gimmicks and gadgets from each other, but Green Arrow had one iconic villain years before the Dark Knight.

Batman and the Justice League. 1
15 Best Anti-Justice League Weapons Batman Has Only Used Once

Batman has contingency plans ready in case any members of the Justice League go bad, including himself. He's had to use these plans before. Often.

Injustice Superman vs. Batman 1
Batman Will Never Admit That He & Injustice's Evil Superman Are The Same

Batman and Superman fought for years in the Injustice universe, but a long-overlooked conclusion might just prove that Batman agreed with Superman.

harley quinn justice league roller derby team 1
"Being in the Justice League Is My Nightmare!": Harley Quinn Admits Her One Fear

The DC Universe is currently experiencing their worst fears in Knight Terrors — and Harley Quinn's nightmare is not being able to live a normal life.

Superman The Chained featured 1
Superman's New Doomsday-Level Villain Is His Exact Philosophical Opposite

Superman has a ton of villains that match up to him in interesting ways, but his newest enemy reflects a truly iconic part of his lore.

Green Arrow and Batman Jason Fabok Art 1
Green Arrow Uses His Money To Stop Crime So Much Better Than Batman

Batman has been using his wealth for years to heal Gotham City, but Green Arrow has been using his money to help people much more directly.

Alex Ross 70s Batman Villains 1
Batman's Legendary Contingency Plans Can Be Beaten With One Dumb Trick

Batman is famous for having a contingency plan for any situation that arises, but it turns out one simple trick can completely defeat the Dark Knight.

Batman and Nightwing in DC Comics 1
Nightwing's Killer Instinct Could Lead to Batman's Downfall

Nightwing is one of the most beloved heroes in the DC Universe, but his greatest fears prove his killer instinct might bring down Batman.

The Joker Killing Joke Red Hood Origin Story 1
10 Most Important Joker Moments That Define His DC History

The Joker is one of the most famous comic book characters to ever exist, but a lot of events in his history shaped who he is today.

Shazam and Skeletor 1
Shazam's Most Shocking Champion Wasn't Even A DC Character

Whoever gains the powers of Shazam has unbelievable strength, wisdom, and more — but the powers of Shazam were once passed to a shocking villain.

Cyborg Superboy in Black Shirt 1
Superboy's New Cyborg Form Is DC's Most Horrifying Threat

DC's recent Knight Terrors events shows that Cyborg Superman — now in a new "Cyborg Superboy" form — is by far the most horrifying Superman villain.

superman with dead batman in dc comics 1
Why Superman Understands Batman's Paranoia Better Than Any Other Hero

Because of his immense trauma, Batman is one of the darkest superheroes. But one surprising character can understand Batman's hurt: Superman.

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