The Joker


Batman in Detective Comics #1062 and Joker from Joker War 1
Joker's Greatest Fear Has Already Come True in One Nightmare Reality

As everyone in the DC Universe falls under the effects of Insomnia's nightmare magic, the Joker has the worst nightmare he has ever had.

knight terrors joker insomnia catwoman 1
"I Know That Face Paint": DC's New God-Level Villain Is Joker with Infinite Power

As the full powers of Knight Terrors' Insomnia are revealed, it turns out the godlike being is essentially an amped-up Joker.

joker as batman 1
Joker Just Became Gotham’s Twisted New Dark Knight

Batman may be dead in Joker’s nightmare, but with no Caped Crusader around, the Harlequin of Hate decides to take up his enemy’s mantle.

The Joker Killing Joke Red Hood Origin Story 1
10 Most Important Joker Moments That Define His DC History

The Joker is one of the most famous comic book characters to ever exist, but a lot of events in his history shaped who he is today.

Joker and the Laughing Fish DC Comics 1
The Joker is The Boogeyman for Other DC Villains

The Joker terrifies even the villains of the DC Universe, and it should come as no surprise when it's revealed that he is their boogeyman.

Joker, laughing, overshadowing the varied members of Batman Inc arrayed before him. 1
Joker Just Tore Down Batman's Legacy In His Biggest Win Yet

Batman Incorporated began as a mission of true hope for the world — and for Batman — but the Joker has turned it into a worldwide farce.

Joker, Bruce Wayne and Batman DC 1
Joker Considers Batman & Bruce Wayne Separate People (& He's Right)

While trapped in a nightmare where Batman dies, the Joker subtly reveals that he thinks the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne are actually separate people.

Joker-Laughter-Featured 1
Joker's Biggest Secret Is That He's Perfectly Sane

The Joker is often considered one of the most unhinged characters in comic books, but it turns out Joker's biggest secret is that he's sane.

The Joker Killing Joke Red Hood Origin Story 1
The Joker Has Finally Given Up Crime (Again)

The Joker — the Clown Prince of Crime — is one of the worst criminals in the DC Universe. But he just gave up crime, and it's not the first time.

Joker and Harley Quinn DC Comics 1
Harley Quinn Doesn't Need Joker to Become a Villain

An alternate universe version Harley Quinn became an iconic villain without the Joker, hinting that she never needed him in the first place.

joker-superman 1
Joker Used Lois Lane To Defeat Superman Way Before Injustice

Joker has always employed sadistic means to get at heroes, but the time he convinced Lois Lane to betray Superman has to be one of the worst.

heroes who'd kill joker 1
12 DC Characters Who Are Ready and Willing to Kill Joker

Batman is never going to kill the Joker, but the Clown Prince of Crime might be in peril when it comes to 12 other characters who have it out for him.

Joker Black Flash Combo 1
DC's Joker/Black Flash Combo Villain Is the Nemesis Flash Needs

The Flash has faced countless speedsters over the years, but could the deadliest speedster that he's ever faced be none other than the Joker?

joker vs optimus prime transformers 1
Joker Takes on Optimus Prime In Hilarious Cosplay

Joker and Optimus Prime probably wouldn't like each other very much if they met in real life, making this new cosplay collaboration that much funnier!

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad Isekai 1
Harley Quinn And Joker Get Isekai Treatment In New Suicide Squad Anime

An exciting announcement from Anime Expo 2023 has revealed that Harley Quinn and the Joker will be Isekaied in a new Suicide Squad anime.

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Joker's Life After Killing Batman Isn't What Anyone Expected

The Joker gets his greatest wish when he finally causes Batman’s death, but the loss reveals some private feelings Joker has for the Dark Knight.

peaky blinders joker 2 1
Joker Cosplay Gives DC Villain a Peaky Blinders Style Redesign

Joker has always been a gangster and a crime lord, but now he looks the part, as _mrcosplay_ turns him into a 1900s Peaky Blinders member.

joker broke batman 1
Joker Already Broke Batman Worse Than Bane Ever Has or Will

Batman is only human, and while he has managed to process a lot of Joker's horrors, one thing broke him in a way Bruce couldn't fix.

Batman Beyond and the Joker.  1
Batman Beyond's Future Had 2 Jokers Return From the Dead

Batman Beyond introduced fans to the Jokerz gang, but it wasn't without the original Clown Prince of Crime--in fact, 2 Jokers returned from the dead.

Two Jokers Dancing with Knives 1
A New Joker War Will Finally Decide the One True Clown Prince of Crime

After years of teasing the possibility, DC is finally staging a face-off between two different Jokers in The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #9.