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About Spencer Connolly

Spencer Connolly is a Staff Writer for Screen Rant. With years of writing and journalism experience under his belt, Spencer joined Screen Rant in 2020. Prior to writing for Screen Rant, Spencer was a Photojournalist and News Producer. Throughout his career as a journalist and even his entire life, Spencer always had a deep love for comics and is now applying everything he has learned throughout his career to the fun and informative articles he writes for Screen Rant. You can follow Spencer on Twitter: @TheSpencerVerse.

Author Details

Spencer Connolly was a photojournalist right out of college before becoming a news producer. Writing and journalism are Spencer's focus, and comic books have always been his passion. Here at ScreenRant, Spencer is able to combine the two to produce informative and fun-to-read articles for a wide variety of fandoms. 

Industry Focus

Spencer writes for ScreenRant's Comic/Anime Section. While he enjoys reading and writing about practically all comic books from a variety of different publishers, there are a few topics he likes/knows about the most. 
Those topics include: 
Star Wars
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Blade Runner
Rick and Morty
Dragon Ball 

Favorite Media

Out of all the things Spencer writes about, his all-time favorite is Alien. Spencer is as close to expert-level as someone can be in terms of the wider Alien universe, including the Dark Horse conintuity, Ridley Scott's original vision for the franchise, and even the seemingly hellish inspiration behind the xenomorph design by H.R. Giger. Everything there is to know about Alien, Spencer knows it, and that knowledge is reflected in his articles. 

Colossus and Hulk.  1
Sorry Colossus - New X-Men Replacements Include a Hulk-Strength Hero

Colossus always filled the same conceptual role on the X-Men that Hulk does on the Avengers, but now, there's a new Hulk-strength hero to replace him.

TMNT: Raphael and Splinter's Strikers.  1
"Splinter's Strikers:" TMNT Reveals Why Splinter Clan's Membership Exploded After Raphael's Death

While Raphael's death in The Last Ronin was tragic, it opened a new chapter in the TMNT's history, as it lead to the creation of Splinter's Strikers.

carnage surpasses venom 1
Carnage Officially Surpasses Venom By Overcoming The Symbiotes' Big Weaknesses

Carnage is on a mission across the multiverse, gaining strength to take down his ultimate enemy, and in doing so, has become stronger than even Venom.

Luke Skywalker and an evil C-3PO. 1
C-3PO Just Officially Betrayed Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion

C-3PO has been overtaken by a malevolent force in the Star Wars galaxy, and as a result, has officially betrayed Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion.

Thor and the MCU Avengers. 1
Even Thor Admits 1 Beloved MCU Avenger Is Basically a God

Thor is the only literal god within the original Avengers lineup, but after spending time with them he admits that one fellow hero is basically a god.

Batman Beyond and the original Rogues Gallery.  1
Batman Beyond Debuts the Stunning Final Form of an Iconic Gotham Villain

Batman Beyond has a habit of expanding on the ideas and characters that originated in the original Batman, including and especially 1 classic villain.

TMNT's Leonardo fighting a Triceraton.  1
TMNT's Victory Over Their Oldest Foes Created an Even Deadlier Threat

Upon defeating the oldest villains in their history, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles unwittingly created an all-new threat that became even worse.

TMNT and Jennika.  1
TMNT’s '90s Cartoon Confirms Jennika Would ALWAYS be the 5th Turtle

Jennika is the 5th Turtle of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and based on the rules established in the '90s cartoon series, she always would be.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Funny Moments. 1
10 Funniest Dragon Ball Moments

Dragon Ball has some of the greatest fights and action sequences in anime history, but it also has some of the funniest moments. Here are the top 10!

Juggernaut defeated.  1
Juggernaut Just Discovered the 1 Person Immune to His Powers (& They Destroyed Him)

During 2023's dramatic Hellfire Gala event, X-Men proved that the Unstoppable Juggernaut can, in fact, be stopped by 1 immensely powerful villain.

new tmnt weapons-1 1
TMNT Officially Reveals the Weapons of Its Next Generation of Turtles

TMNT introduced the next generation Turtles with Yi, Uno, Moja, and Odyn in The Last Ronin universe, & now fans know what their signature weapons are.

Carnage and the Spot. 1
Carnage's New Powers Show How Deadly Across The Spider-Verse's Villain Can Be

Carnage is on a multiversal killing spree that's only possible thanks to the powers of Across the Spider-Verse's main villain, proving his deadliness.

Outsiders SDCC Featured Image. 1
SDCC 2023: DC's New OUTSIDERS Team Explain The Books's New Mission

At San Diego Comic-Con 2023, Screen Rant had the chance to sit down with Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing to discuss their new DC series: Outsiders!

star wars luke skywalker green lightsaber stronger 1
Luke Skywalker's New Force Power Shows The Secret Potential of Jedi Technology

Luke Skywalker just got a new Force power in the current Star Wars canon, one that highlights the basically untapped potential of Jedi technology.

She-Hulk and Wolverine.  1
She-Hulk Debuts Her Brutal Answer to Wolverine's Claws with New Weapon

She-Hulk normally doesn't need weapons, but for the upcoming Gang War event, she's arming herself with brutal weaponry similar to Wolverine's claws.

Death of the Venomverse's Carnage vs Wolverine. 1
Carnage vs Wolverine Begins Marvel's Ultimate Symbiote War

Marvel Comics is kicking off the upcoming event Death of the Venomverse with a bang, as Carnage's battle against Wolverine ushers in a dark new era!

Darth Vader brandishing his lightsaber.  1
Darth Vader Just Forged the Ultimate Version of His Lightsaber

Darth Vader's lightsaber strikes fear into the hearts of everyone in the Star Wars galaxy, though it's nothing compared to the one he just forged.

Leonardo and the TMNT. 1
Which Ninja Turtle is the Strongest, According to Leonardo

According to the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles himself, Leonardo, one of his brothers stands above the rest as being the strongest.

j. michael straczynski captain america interview 1
SDCC 2023: J. Michael Straczynski Talks New CAPTAIN AMERICA Comic Run

J. Michael Straczynski is returning to Marvel Comics to write a new Captain America series. Screen Rant spoke with him at SDCC 2023 for the details.

Juggernaut and his son J2. 1
Juggernaut's Son Is the 1 Person Who Can Give Him the Ending He Deserves

The only 1 person in the Marvel multiverse who can give Juggernaut the ending he truly deserves is his son, and one alt-world storyline proves it.

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