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Flash Finally Takes His Place as the Justice League's Most Powerful Hero

People tend to assume that Superman brings the most clout to the Justice League, but it's actually the Flash who is the most powerful member.

Flash Family DC Comics 1
10 Fastest Speedsters in The Flash Family

The Flash Family is one of the largest heroic units in the DCU, but how do their speedsters rank? Find out who comes in first when it comes to speed.

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Nightwing Has a Favorite Flash - And It's Not Wally West

Nightwing and Wally West have been best friends for ages, but friendship isn't enough for West to edge out one Flash as Nightwing's favorite.

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"Beyond the Speed Force": DC Finally Settles Its Fastest Flash in a Convincing Way (Wally vs Barry)

Flash fans have long debated who's truly the Fastest Man Alive, but now DC is officially settling the Wally West vs Barry Allen debate.

The Flash and the Stillness DC 1
"THE STILLNESS:" Flash's New Enemies Are His God-Tier Opposites

The solicitation for an upcoming issue of the Flash reveals the Stillness, a powerful new villain who serve as Wally’s godlike opposites.

Flash and Good Villains DC 1
15 Most Likable Flash Villains in DC History (Ranked)

The Flash has quite the unique collection of villains, but not all of them are all bad. See which of the speedster’s foes are actually pretty likable.

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Flash Admits He’d Repeat His Biggest Mistake For One Reason

As Flash fights his worst nightmare, the Scarlet Speedster confirms that there’s one thing that would make him forget what he learned in Flashpoint.

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Wally West Only Gained a Major Flash Power by Losing Respect for Barry Allen

Wally West is the Fastest Man Alive, but unlocking his potential as the Flash only happened when he finally lost faith in his mentor.

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Superman's Maximum Possible Speed Makes the Flash Look Slow

The Flash may be known as the Fastest Man alive, but as the Last Son of Krypton, Superman is more than a man - and his top speed proves it.

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Kid Flash Cosplay Honors DC’s Official Fastest Man Alive

While many may think that Barry Allen is DC's Fastest Man Alive, one Kid Flash cosplay is honoring DC's true fastest speedster, Wally West.

Flash Became Even Faster By Borrowing a Page From Darkseid's Book

Wally West's Flash is one of the fastest men alive, but when he needed even more speed he turned to a similar source of power as Darkseid.

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15 Flash Powers That Make Even Superman Look Weak

The Flash isn’t just the Fastest Man Alive. The fleet-footed hero has at least 15 amazing abilities that make Superman look downright puny.

Flash and Reverse-Flash DC Comics 1
Flash's Deepest Fear is a Twisted Villain - But Not Reverse-Flash

The Flash may have a life-long enemy in Reverse-Flash, but as Barry Allen falls into terrifying nightmare, one rogue becomes his scariest villain.

Joker Black Flash Combo 1
DC's Joker/Black Flash Combo Villain Is the Nemesis Flash Needs

The Flash has faced countless speedsters over the years, but could the deadliest speedster that he's ever faced be none other than the Joker?

Flash and Quicksilver DC Marvel 1
Flash vs. Quicksilver Isn't as Simple as Everyone Assumes

In almost every measurable way, the Flash is exponentially faster than Quicksilver. But what if we take Wally West out of his native universe?

Nightwing and the Flash 1
Nightwing Admits He Can Beat Flash Whenever He Wants

Nightwing drops a bombshell by claiming he holds the power and resources to defeat the Flash — and even all of the Titans — singlehandedly.

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Wally West Hates One Iconic Flash Power

The Flash has plenty of powers he can derive from the Speed Force, but Wally West's version of the Flash hates one iconic super speed power.

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Fastest Brain Alive: DC's Most Powerful Psychic Was the Flash

The Flash is one of the fastest men alive, and that includes having a lightning-fast brain — which is exactly what made him a powerful psychic.

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Flash's Most Underrated Villain Just Got an A-List Power Upgrade

Mirror Master has always been one of the most difficult Rogues to evaluate, but a new upgrade shows how terrifying the Flash villain's powers can be.

The Flash Warped Knight Terrors 1
Flash's Official New Superpower Is A Disturbing But Intense Upgrade

The Flash's new dimensional ability is his creepiest yet, and it probably doesn't bode well for his future when the Flash #1 launches this fall.