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Avi Gibson is a ScreenRant comics contributor and a freelance writer/editor with an MA in publishing. His goal is to add a little more wonder to the world in any way he can, and yearns to one day have a library in his home that contains at least one secret passage.

Industry Focus

As a comics contributor, Avi loves delving into the dynamics of various comic book families, such as Superman's, Batman's Bat-Family, the Flash Family, and the Fantastic Four. He's always on the lookout for issues and titles that display the true heart of their characters (Astro City is a masterclass in this regard).

Favorite Media

Avi loves fantasy in virtually any form, from cartoons such as The Owl House and Over the Garden Wall to books like Spinning Silver, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, and The Last Unicorn. He is currently on his nth playthrough of Elden Ring, and please beware: he can and will explain the entire story of Kingdom Hearts to you.

The flash, running through a streak of yellow lightning. 1
Flash Finally Takes His Place as the Justice League's Most Powerful Hero

People tend to assume that Superman brings the most clout to the Justice League, but it's actually the Flash who is the most powerful member.

Thessaly stares out at the viewer, enshrouded by mist and with an eye drawn in blood on her forehead. 1
Sandman Finally Reveals Major Secrets About Its Most Enigmatic Figure

Major revelations are dropped about the powerful, enigmatic witch in the Sandman Universe, Thessaly, with the release of the series' latest one-shot.

The Fantastic Four in horrific forms: a rock monster, a mass of wriggling veins, a blazing inferno and a walking skeleton. 1
Fantastic Four Just Got Their Best Horror Redesign Since Marvel Zombies

In Fantastic Four #10, the Fantastic Four's latest foray into horror proves that the team has much more nightmare fuel potential alive than dead.

Batman, covered in his cowl, and Robin beside him. 1
"Crusades Are Terrible Things": Batman Hates His Iconic Nickname (for a Good Reason)

In a surprising move, Batman speaks out against the implications of one of his most famous nicknames. Does the Caped Crusader hate his own crusade?

Tony and Emma stand in wedding attire, flanked by their hero friends. 1
Wait... Is Marvel Really Changing Iron Man's Civilian Name to 'Tony Frost'?

In the wake of Orchis' devastating attack on Krakoa, the wedding of Tony Stark and Emma Frost may bring about a major change for Iron Man.

Mxyzptlk crosses his arms against a backdrop of 5th-dimensional horrors. 1
Superman's Silliest Enemy Is Actually a Terrifying Threat, DC Confirms

In Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1, Jim Gordon's nightmares provide insight on the true nature of DC's 5th-dimensional beings.

Catwoman with Angel and Devil Wings 1
Catwoman's Tragic New Partner Reveals Her Worst Regret (It’s Not Batman)

Catwoman's nightmares have given her a new partner-of-sorts, and the relationship reveals that Catwoman's deepest hurt has nothing to do with Batman.

The Avengers being cast aside as Cal-Horra, the Lost One, emerges from the shadow of the Beyonder. 1
Marvel Just Shook Up Its Cosmic Powers In a Major Way

The Beyonder was once one of the most powerful figures in the entire Marvel Universe, but now it appears he and his kind are functionally no more.

On the left, Mr. Baseball's scarred face glowers; on the right, Batman stands in front of Arkham Asylum's gate. 1
Meet Mr. Baseball: Batman's Newest Rogue Proves Goofy Gimmicks Still Work

Introduced in Batman: The Brave and the Bold #3, Mr. Baseball has a silly look, a silly name — and is a perfect addition to Batman's rogues gallery.

Hawkgirl soars on the left, against a backdrop of her Nth-metal frame. 1
1 Justice League Hero Holds the Secret to DC's Most Powerful Substance

Hawkgirl's new series promises to plumb the depths of DC's mysterious Nth metal, which has become one the world's most powerful substances.

Ms Marvel and the X-Men 1
Kamala Khan Joining The X-Men Proves Their Classic Tagline Is Meaningless

"Welcome to the X-Men, Ms. Marvel - hope you survive the experience!" But surviving the experience means nothing when mutant resurrection is a factor.

Joker, laughing, overshadowing the varied members of Batman Inc arrayed before him. 1
Joker Just Tore Down Batman's Legacy In His Biggest Win Yet

Batman Incorporated began as a mission of true hope for the world — and for Batman — but the Joker has turned it into a worldwide farce.

Hawkgirl flying with a smile on her face, armor shining in the sunlight. 1
Hawkgirl #1 Is a Soaring Triumph That Welcomes First-Time Fans (Review)

The title's strong grasp of character, stakes, and the world Kendra inhabits makes Hawkgirl's new series an A+ debut.

Batman Disapproves of Teen Titans 1
Batman Admits the 1 Reason He Originally Hated the Teen Titans

When Bruce Wayne's paternal affection meets Batman's unshakeable paranoia, it inevitably leads to some major friction with his first Robin.

Kamala's body lies in Spider-Man's arms; to the right, a glowing Kamala angrily watches. 1
Even Marvel Knows Its Handling Of Kamala Khan's Death Was Disrespectful

From dying outside of her own title to her near-immediate return, the death and return of Ms. Marvel has been fraught with questionable choices.

Thor reeling in pain as Dormammu strikes him with a laser from his mouth. 1
Thor Saves Reality With Doctor Strange's MCU Playbook

Just like Doctor Strange has come to bargain with Dormammu in the MCU, Thor is equally relentless in his fight against his new foe M.Y.T.H.O.S.

Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider, riding his motorcycle and brandishing flaming chains. 1
One Ghost Rider's 'No Kill' Rule Redefines the Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider is a brutal instrument of retribution, but Danny Ketch seems determined to curb the cycle of violence - and do more than avenge.

Dream of the Endless, Superimposed over Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. 1
DC Is Setting the Stage to Reinvent Sandman's Endless - Theory Explained

DC's Knight Terrors event is chock-full of references to Dream and the Endless, to the point that it feels highly unlikely to be mere coincidence.

MYTHOS Modok 1
Not Even a Godlike Upgrade Can Save Marvel's Silliest Villain

No matter how Marvel tries to make him relevant, M.O.D.O.K is just too ridiculous a figure to take seriously.

A close-up of Doctor Octopus's face, revealing the reflections of Black Cat and Spider-Man trapped in his tentacles. 1
Spider-Man's Strongest Foe is Settled Once and For All

With Norman Osborn now on the side of the angels, another classic Spider-Man villain has taken the spot as Peter's most dangerous nemesis.

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