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Donkey Kong and Cranky in the Mario Movie 1
8 Kong Characters Hidden In The Super Mario Bros Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie features cameos from all kinds of beloved video game characters, but the various Kong cameos are especially prominent.

IT, Midsommar, Cabin in the Woods 1
10 Surprisingly Terrifying Summer Horror Movies

Horror movies aren't just made for Halloween, as there are many surprisingly terrifying films that still give audiences the same chill in the summer.

The poster for Cloverfield 1
10 Biggest Mysteries The Cloverfield Franchise Still Hasn't Solved

Three movies in, the Cloverfield franchise has asked a lot more questions than it answered, with plenty of unresolved mysteries and story threads.

Neon Genesis Evangalion, Berserk, and Samurai Champloo 1
10 Live-Action Anime Adaptations Hollywood Needs To Make

Most anime are better off without Hollywood live-action adaptations but a few have all the ingredients to traverse well to the live-action medium.

An image of Brad Pitt, Suzanne Snyder, and a man holding a weapon in a forest 1
10 Great Standalone Horror Movies That Deserved Their Own Franchises

Throughout the history of the horror genre, many standalone movies with the potential to spawn successful franchises just never received sequels.

Custom image of Batman fancast actors Nicholas Hoult, Jensen Ackles, and Jake Gyllenhaal. 1
10 DC Universe Batman Fancasts That We Totally Want To See

The DCU has already cast David Corenswet as Superman, and with The Brave and the Bold movie next, some popular Batman fancasts have great potential.

An image of Piper Chapman talking on the phone, Joffrey Baratheon smirking, and Rachel Berry smiling 1
10 TV Characters Everyone Loves To Hate

A TV show is not complete without that one character audiences cannot help but hate, and they love to do so, even if the character is not a villain.

LEGO Star Wars Prequels Image 1
10 LEGO Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Diorama Sets We Want To See

With rumors pointing toward new Star Wars LEGO dioramas, here are the top 10 models we'd like to see from the Skywalker saga's prequel trilogy.

Michael Keaton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rowan Atkinson. 1
15 Actors That Never Escaped Their Most Famous Characters

Some actors just can't seem to escape their most iconic role, from Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane to Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa.

Austin Butler As Human Torch Fantastic Four 1
7 Johnny Storm Actor Rumors For MCU Fantastic Four, Ranked By Excitement

With fans eagerly looking forward to the MCU Fantastic Four, rumors are flying about who will play Johnny Storm. Here are the top 7 actors rumored.

Daisy and Wario in the Super Mario Bros Movie 1
Super Mario Bros Movie 2 Wishlist: 10 Characters, Places, & More We Want To See

There are several characters and locations that were missing from The Super Mario Bros Movie, but they can be brought to life in the potential sequel.

The Sith attacking the Jedi Temple in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Darth Vader from the cover of Star Wars: Darth Vader (2017) #1. 1
10 Sith Lords Powerful Enough To Even Beat Darth Vader

Darth Vader is the most iconic Sith Lord in Star Wars, but there were 10 Sith who were just as powerful and could easily have bested him in combat.

LOTR-Sam-Rosie-Children 1
10 Things That Happened To Sam Gamgee's Children After Lord Of The Rings

Sam Gamgee had thirteen children with wife Rosie Cotton after the events of Lord of the Rings, and their lives reflected all he had fought for.

venom-3-best-villain-options 1
10 Marvel Villains Most Likely To Appear in Venom 3

Due to the size of Spider-Man's rogues' gallery, Venom 3 has no shortage of villains it can use. However, a few candidates stand out above the rest.

Paul what we do in the shadows 1
Paul Reubens' 10 Funniest Cameo Roles, Ranked

From voice-over performances to small roles, Paul Reubens made everything funnier. In remembrance of the comedic legend, here are his 10 best cameos.

An image of Stanley from Holes, Puss in Boots, and Marty McFly from Back To The Future Part III 1
10 Best Western Movies For Kids

One of the oldest and popular movie genres, westerns attract audiences of all ages, and these are the best ones for kids to watch with their families.

Drag Me To Hell 1
10 Brutal Movies That Somehow Avoided Being R-Rated

Despite their dark subject matter, scary imagery, and brutal violence these movies somehow made it past the MPAA and avoided an R rating.

Garfield and Holland as Spider-Man 1
15 Times Spider-Man Movies Got It Wrong (Even In The Good Films)

Spider-Man has had an illustrious big-screen career, and despite most of his movies being great, they still made some big missteps along the way.

Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi. 1
6 Actors Who Almost Played Obi-Wan Kenobi In Star Wars

Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness brought Obi-Wan Kenobi to life - but some other iconic actors almost got to join Star Wars in this role instead.

Nick Fury as seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier between his appearance in Secret Invasion and Captain Marvel 1
All 13 Nick Fury Appearances In The MCU, Ranked

Nick Fury has been a central MCU player since the early days of the Infinity Saga, and here is every one of his appearances in the franchise ranked.