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Goku And Vegeta Forgot About Dragon Ball Super's Most Dangerous Villain

A minor villain from the Moro Arc of Dragon Ball Super was terrifying, but Goku and Vegeta forgot he's still at large and more dangerous than ever.

The First Slam Dunk 1
Slam Dunk's Movie Proves It's Still The King of Sports Anime - Review

The First Slam Dunk has finally been released in the West, and its amazing directing and story prove why Slam Dunk has stood the test of time.

Demon-Slayer-Rengoku-clseup 1
Demon Slayer's Rengoku is Deeper in the Anime Than in The Mugen Train Movie

The serialized adaptation of Demon Slayer's Mugen Train movie expands on Rengoku significantly, giving him a whole episode's worth of focus.

Boruto's Anime Made One of Naruto's Biggest Mistakes So Much Worse

What eventually happens between Naruto and Kawaki in the manga is a lighter reflection of the relationship between Naruto and Mitsuki in the anime.

My Hero Academia: An excited young Deku. 1
My Hero Academia Has Exactly One Chance to Reveal Deku's Father

MHA creator Kohei Horikoshi promised fans would see Deku's father in the manga, but with the finale closing in, there's really only one chance left.

Pokemon Horizons: Friede activates his Tera Orb. 1
Pokémon Horizons Officially Includes Scarlet and Violet's Unique Mechanic

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's new Terastallization mechanic has made its anime debut under some difficult conditions, showcasing the power it offers.

Majin Buu proves King Kai's dark Piccolo theory 1
Majin Buu's Turn to Evil Actually Confirmed an Incredibly Dark Piccolo Theory

Undoubtedly few actually believed King Kai that Demon King Piccolo wasn't always evil, but Majin Buu's evil counterpart actually proves otherwise.

Wild Strawberry cover image 1
Shonen Jump's New Manga Is A Perfect New Apocalyptic Story You Must Read

Shonen Jumps’s new manga presents a fascinating tweak of the age-old Armageddon vibe where the dangers to humanity are all around and in us.

Bleach: Komamura as a Human (more or less) 1
Bleach Finally Reveals The Secret Of The Most Mysterious Captain

The true nature of Captain Komamura and his werewolf clan has been revealed at last, and the circumstances are both diabolical and heartbreaking.

My Hero Academia: Dr. Garaki in front of his grandson and a Winged Nomu 1
My Hero Academia Secretly Confirmed One Villain is Completely Irredeemable

A bonus page from volume seven of the My Hero Academia manga indicates that one villain's evil experiments make him even worse than fans think.

Naruto close-up with Shadow Clones in the background 1
Naruto Had To Nerf Its Most Iconic Jutsu Because It Was Too Broken

When Naruto's Shadow Clone Jutsu was first introduced in the series, it was so powerful that it quickly had to have one dramatic change to its rules.

Pokemon Horizons: Levincia's gym leader Iono in the anime. 1
Pokémon Horizons Debuts A New Paldean Gym Leader

The adventures of Liko and Roy have led to the introduction of another Paldean Gym Leader, Iono, to the anime for the first time, following Brassius.

Vegeta-Robbed-Beating-Goku 1
Vegeta's Return to Villainy Was Foreshadowed By One Dragon Ball Super Joke

What originally felt like an innocent conversation between Goku and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super actually foreshadowed Vegeta's later brutal descent.

Bleach: Ichigo has extra pupils during his Soul King trial. 1
Bleach Teases Ichigo Will Get An Anime-Exclusive Power-Up In The Final Battle

New scenes added to Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War's anime are hinting that Ichigo may have some new abilities heading into the final fight.

Sasuke is becoming a better father to Sarada in Boruto 1
Sasuke & Sarada's Potential is Fulfilled in Boruto's Anime, Not the Manga

The incredible scenes when Sarada first meets Sasuke and the ramifications of just asking Sakura questions about him alone outshine the manga.

2023-07-20 (7)-1 1
Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead Has Horror's Most Unique Protagonist

Horror protagonists all follow a similar blueprint, but Zom 100's Akira is breaking that mold of in several ways that make this series a must-watch.

Pokemon: Dot gets out of her Nidothing costume. 1
Pokémon Horizons Confirms Its Third Protagonist, Marks A Big Departure From Ash

Pokémon Horizons has finally forced its third hero out into the field, and the change is already promising a big difference from the old anime.

Dragon Ball Super Cast Insert 1
Why Dragon Ball Super's Strongest Character Can Never Win A Fight

One of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super will never actually be able to fight, due to divine restrictions placed upon his kind.

chainsaw-man-anime-denji 1
Chainsaw Man Confirms Its New Second Chainsaw Devil

A new, mysterious "Black" Chainsaw Man makes his appearance in the namesake manga, and it’s not Denji. Is this a duplicate or a whole new villain?

Image from One Piece preview of Gear 5 show Luffy smiling with a red glow coming from his eyes and mouth while he pulsates with black aura and a read fiery background. 1
Luffy's Gear 5 Upgrade In The One Piece Anime Makes A Subtle (But Better) Change To The Manga

Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation is finally here, but the One Piece anime has the Straw Hat Captain unlock it differently than in the manga.