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Alix Blackburn

About Alix Blackburn

Alix lives in the UK and is a writer for Screen Rant. She graduated from Bath Spa University in 2021 with a Creative Writing degree. When she's not writing about The Walking Dead and gruesome zombies, Alix is playing horror video games and planning a fiction novel to create a thrilling experience for avid readers alike. Alix has also written for other sites across the world that focus on health and fitness. She believes that a fresh mind can create the most intriguing stories. 

Industry Focus

When writing for Screen Rant, Alix's main focus is The Walking Dead franchise. She has been a fan of the popular series for many years. Horror is her passion and she'll never turn down the opportunity to write about something scary and exhilarating. Alix is also passionate about Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and tense video games. 

Favorite Media

Alix grew up with The Walking Dead, turning her into a passionate fan who has attended many comic cons to meet the beloved cast. She loves everything to do with the horror genre, but she's also a video game lover. This medium of entertainment feeds Alix's creative and outgoing mind when she's away from the computer screen.  

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