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10 Surprisingly Terrifying Summer Horror Movies

Horror movies aren't just made for Halloween, as there are many surprisingly terrifying films that still give audiences the same chill in the summer.

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10 Terrifying TV Shows Every Horror Fan Needs To Watch

Some TV shows offer a range of horror experiences, from psychological explorations of the human psyche to supernatural terrors and scary visions.

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15 Terrifyingly Good Horror Movie Cosplays That Bring Halloween To Summer

Horror movies are popular all year round, and these 15 impressively terrifying cosplays by talented fans prove it by bringing Halloween to summer.

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10 Horror Movie Franchises That Just Won't Stay Dead

From killer Leprechauns to Deadites to many slashers, some horror franchises are endlessly revived as remakes, reboots, sequels and spinoffs.

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50 Best PG-13 Horror Movies (& Where To Stream Them)

The best PG-13 horror movies not only deliver many of the same kind of jump scares and horrific monsters of R-rated movies, some are horror classics.

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15 Most Common Horror Movie Stereotype Characters

Horror has accrued notable stereotyped characters over the years, these are the most common.

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9 Horror Franchises With Only One Good Movie

From Wrong Turn to Paranormal Activity, many longstanding horror franchises have lots of installments but only one good movie to their name.

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25 Scariest Movies Of All-Time

The horror genre has existed for virtually as long as cinema itself has, producing numerous classics during its many evolutions and regenerations.

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8 Box Office Bombs That Killed Horror Franchises

While horror movies can be box office gold, sometimes they flop so hard that they end up killing their entire potential franchise in the process.

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10 Horror Villains That Are Cheered For More Than The Protagonists

From M3GAN to Candyman to A Nightmare On Elm Street's Freddy Krueger, some horror movie villains ended up becoming more popular than their victims.

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10 Horror Movie Hits Everyone Expected Would Bomb At The Box Office

Many people expected these classic horrors to be flops upon release, from The Exorcist to M3GAN to Freddy Krueger's franchise Nightmare On Elm Street.

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10 Horror Cosplays That Are More Terrifying Than Their Movie Counterparts

It’s no secret that horror movies are full of terrifying monsters, but sometimes, the real life cosplays of those monsters are even scarier.

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10 Horror Movies That Aren't As Scary As The True Story

The phrase "based on a true story" adds a different layer to a horror movie, but there are some true stories that are scarier than their films.

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10 Underrated Japanese Horror Movies That Escaped An American Remake

While many of the best Japanese horror movies were cursed with subpar American remakes, there are a handful of cult classics that avoided this fate.

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10 Most Terrifying Horror Shows Coming In 2023 & Beyond

Horror fans get ready: the coming year has a variety of terrifying TV shows in store that are perfect for horror movie buffs and newbies alike.

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10 Most Satisfying Horror Movie Deaths

While horror movies are typically designed to scare and unsettle, sometimes, a great horror movie death scene can be truly cathartic and satisfying.

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10 Great Horror Movies The Critics Were Way Too Harsh On

Horror movies tend to receive unfair reviews but, from classic slashers to seminal psychological thrillers, some don't deserve their bad reputation.

The 10 Best Horror Movies Of All Time (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

Horror movies often get a bad wrap, but that doesn't mean there aren't some total gems out there, and here are the best as per Rotten Tomatoes.

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16 Movies That Were Secretly Horror Films, According To Reddit

Sometimes even the most unassuming films can turn out to really be a horror movie in disguise.

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10 Most Remade Horror Movies Of All Time

If a horror film worked once, it would surely work again, which is how horror remakes became so popular. Here are 10 of the most remade horror movies.