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Nicholas is an editor for Screen Rant's Movies & TV Features division. Nicholas has covered all things related to the MonsterVerse for Screen Rant since 2019. When not writing about Godzilla, he covers the MCU, Cobra Kai, The Walking Dead, and martial arts movies.

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Nicholas Raymond is an author and journalist based out of Alabama, where he proudly roots for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. A graduate of the University of Montevallo, he has a degree in mass communication with a concentration in journalism. He can be reached by email at and on Twitter at @cnraymond91.

Favorite Media

A fan of Godzilla since he was six years old, he loves anything with Godzilla in it (but not the 1998 movie, which doesn't count.) He also considers himself a big fan of 1940s film noir. As a rule, he watches Casablanca and It's a Wonderful Life once a year. Some of his other favorites are Rear Window, The Mark of Zorro, and Laura. His all-time favorite actors are Tyrone Power and Eleanor Parker.

venom-3-best-villain-options 1
10 Marvel Villains Most Likely To Appear in Venom 3

Due to the size of Spider-Man's rogues' gallery, Venom 3 has no shortage of villains it can use. However, a few candidates stand out above the rest.

thor-weapons-missing-from-mcu 1
7 Thor Weapons Still Missing From The MCU

Several weapons tied to Thor's adventures in Marvel Comics have never been used in the MCU. Will they ever make their live-action debuts?

Equalizer 3 Denzel washington everything we know 1
The Equalizer 3: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know

Denzel Washington's Robert McCall will be back for at least one more big-screen movie. Here's everything currently known about The Equalizer 3.

X-Men Movies Mr Sinister 1
Marvel's Phase 5 Secretly Set Up A Major X-Men Villain For The MCU Reboot

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's new villain secretly opened the door for a major X-Men villain to join the MCU after the Multiverse Saga.

A collage of Cobra Kai characters 1
Cobra Kai
6 Mistakes Cobra Kai Season 6's Ending Needs To Avoid

With just one season left, Cobra Kai is approaching the end. To ensure a satisfying finish, Cobra Kai season 6 needs to avoid seven mistakes.

Troy from Fear the Walking Dead, sitting down, holding a gun and looking at it. 1
Fear the Walking Dead (2015)
Troy's Fear TWD Return Revives A Dropped Season 3 Revenge Story

Troy's upcoming return to Fear the Walking Dead makes it inevitable that the series revive a revenge plotline that was never paid off in season 3.

godzillafights 1
9 Iconic Godzilla Fights We Want To See In The MonsterVerse

Godzilla's fights with Kong and Ghidorah aren't the only ones from the iconic kaiju movie franchise that deserve inclusion in the MonsterVerse.

Wheel-Of-Time-Season-2's-Logain-Change-Fixes-A-Major-Book-Problem 1
The Wheel of Time (2021)
Wheel Of Time Season 2's Logain Change Fixes A Major Book Problem

The Wheel of Time season 2 trailer is taking huge liberties with Logain's story. Here's how these changes actually improve upon the original books.

dc-tv-better-villains-than-dc-universe-movies 1
DC Universe
DC TV Shows Are Crushing DC Universe Movies In One Big Way

In one incredibly important area, DC TV shows like Gotham Knights and Superman & Lois are beating out DC's newer movies by a wide margin.

supermanandlois_dcmistake (1) 1
Superman and Lois (2021)
Superman & Lois Season 4 Risks Repeating A Classic DC Universe Mistake

The setup for Superman & Lois season 4 indicates The CW series may be about to repeat a major mistake the DCEU made with Superman's story.

godzilla-complete-out-of-character-in-movies 1
9 Times Godzilla Was Out Of Character In His Movies

In spite of his reputation, Godzilla has been known to break character, stepping outside his image as the all-powerful King of the Monsters.

best-martial-arts-tv-shows 1
10 Best Martial Arts TV Shows Of All Time

Dozens of TV shows have made martial arts the center of the action. But which martial arts shows deserve to be called the best of all time?

spider-man-no-way-home-electro-mystery-explained 1
Spider-Man: No Way Home's Electro Mystery Was Explained 9 Years Ago

An easy-to-miss detail in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 provides an explanation for why Electro was brought to the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

7-Major-Book-Stories-Already-Confirmed-For-Wheel-Of-Time-Season-2 1
The Wheel of Time (2021)
7 Major Book Stories Already Confirmed For Wheel Of Time Season 2

Thanks to the trailer and other news, several stories from Robert Jordan's books are already confirmed to happen in The Wheel of Time season 2.

Godzilla's-10-Best-Finishing-Moves,-Ranked (1) 1
Godzilla's 10 Best Finishing Moves, Ranked

Over the years, Godzilla has taken down a number of his monster foes in epic fashion. Here's a ranking of Godzilla's best finishing moves.

War Machine and Justin Hammer 1
Armor Wars: Cast, Story Details & Everything We Know

War Machine's upcoming feature, Armor Wars, is based on a Marvel Comics event of the same name. Here's what Armor Wars is really about.

Wheel-Of-Time-Season-2-Is-Already-Fixing-Its-Biggest-One-Power-Criticism 1
The Wheel of Time (2021)
Wheel Of Time Season 2 Is Already Fixing Its Biggest One Power Criticism

The Wheel of Time season 2 trailer proves that the show is already taking measures to resolve a major complaint with its depiction of the One Power.

walking-dead-questions-stories-dead-city-season-1-ignore 1
The Walking Dead: Dead City
8 Walking Dead Questions Dead City Season 1 Completely Ignored

Lingering questions from The Walking Dead, as well as a few created by Maggie and Negan's spinoff, remain unanswered after Dead City season 1.

walking-dead-city-season-2-setup-clues-hints 1
The Walking Dead: Dead City
7 Biggest Ways Walking Dead Sets Up Dead City Season 2

The Walking Dead: Dead City season finale laid the foundation for Negan and Maggie to endure even more challenges in Dead City season 2.

monsters-killed-by-godzilla 1
17 Monsters Killed By Godzilla

Across decades of cinematic history, well over a dozen kaiju in the Godzilla franchise have been killed trying to take down the King of the Monsters.

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