In Back to the Future lore, Biff is a toxic antagonist who threw a wrench into more than a few of Marty and Doc’s carefully laid time travel plans, with the alternate 1985 version of him seen in the dark timeline of Back to the Future Part II having a violent backstory not seen in the film. Enter Biff to the Future, a 2017 comic series that fills in the gaps of what happened to Biff during his rise to fame and fortune while also revealing dark and shocking secrets that fans need to know about.

Already at the height of his corruption and power by the time Marty arrives in alternate 1985, this dark timeline presented Biff as a greedy business tycoon who had already accomplished many of his life goals in taking over Hill Valley, forcing Marty’s mom, Lorraine Baines, to marry him, killing Marty’s dad, George McFly, and committing Doc to an insane asylum. And as terrible as this character seemed when initially introduced to audiences, it's his comic-exclusive — and original screenwriter Bob Gale-approved — backstory that turned him into an even more vile villain!

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Biff's Dark Past Is Revealed in Biff to the Future Comic Series

Biff kills a man with a pipe in a parking garage

An untold story revealed in Biff to the Future, by Bob Gale & Derek Fridolfs, and Alan Robinson, this series begins the day after future Biff gifts the cheatsheet known as Grays Sports Almanac to his younger self. Not old enough to place a bet, Biff has his cranky grandma, who coincidentally has a nasty addiction to gambling, do it for him, confirming the book’s authenticity and drawing the attention of a seedy hustler named Louie. Convincing Biff to allow him to place bets in exchange for a cut, Louie soon murders Biff’s grandma for her profits, and after luring Biff to a parking garage intending to do the same to him, knocks Biff to the ground and steals the almanac. About to be done in with a pipe Louie had stashed away, Biff manages to disarm him, and with the same object he was going to be murdered with, beats Louie into a bloody stain on the floor.

Only feeling remorse for a split second before claiming it was all in self-defense and was “justice” for Louie killing his grandma, it’s here, as Biff heads out on his own to “write this story my own way,” where the dark timeline’s version of Biff is born. But that’s not all. Later in the series, Biff arranges for a film producer he doesn’t like to be whacked, strikes a deal with then President Nixon to make gambling legal in Hill Valley, and most infamously, murders George McFly in cold blood, events of which add to an incredibly dark backstory skipped over just before Marty arrives in the adjusted timeline that is Back to the Future Part II’s 1985.

Biff's First Back to the Future Kill Was Dark and Brutal

Biff talking to himself after killing someone with a pipe

Not only does this comic-exclusive series of events add more layers to Biff’s already questionable character development, but it also shows that Biff might have been forced into his life of corruption and greed thanks to his harrowing experience with Louie and the brutal death of his grandma. Regardless, Biff is still known to be a pretty all-around terrible guy, and thanks to this Biff-centric Back to the Future comic, he’s even worse than fans could have ever imagined.