Colossus and Hulk.  1
Sorry Colossus - New X-Men Replacements Include a Hulk-Strength Hero

Colossus always filled the same conceptual role on the X-Men that Hulk does on the Avengers, but now, there's a new Hulk-strength hero to replace him.

Colossus live-action and comic book versions.  1
Colossus Cosplay Brings X-Men's Impossible Powerhouse to Life

Colossus cosplay brings the X-Men hero to life with no CGI required, giving fans a tangible live-action version of the character for the first time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito with Wolverine & Colossus. 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito Are Colossus & Wolverine in Genius Fanart

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito become Colossus and Wolverine in genius fanart, marking the second time Twins inspired Marvel characters.

Colossus Fall of X 1
Colossus Joining X-Men's Deadliest Team Spells Doom For Mutantkind

The X-Men are facing several threats to Krakoa leading up to Fall of X, but the most dangerous one could be the newest member of X-Force: Colossus.

x-men colossus ultimate form power 1
Colossus' Ultimate Power Upgrade Just Turned Him into a Mutant God

Colossus has always been one of the noblest X-Men, but in the dark future of the Marvel Universe, he becomes a towering cosmic god.

X-Men's Colossus and Kitty Pryde hugging in Marvel Comics 1
Colossus vs Kate Pryde Is About to Decide the X-Men's Future

Colossus has been acting against Krakoa for some time, and it seems that his treachery will finally come to light against his old flame, Kate Pryde.

Colossus Spider-Verse Legs and Costume Art 1
X-Men's Colossus Becomes A Twisted Terminator in Spider-Man Makeover

A new Spider-Verse variant cover turns Colossus into a terrifying, unstoppable force after fusing him with the Iron Sider and Omega Red.

Deadpool and Colossus 1
Colossus Will Kill Deadpool If He Ever Learns One Secret

Deadpool and Colossus may share a reluctant friendship on the big screen, but their comic book relationship hinges on a secret from Marvel's past.

X-Men's Colossus and Kitty Pryde hugging in Marvel Comics 1
Colossus Cosplay Reunites Marvel's Most Heartbreaking Mutant Romance

Colossus and Kitty Pryde's relationship has always been rocky, but a new cosplay of the iconic X-Men couple shows the characters at their best.

Colossus, Hulk and Proteus 1
Colossus' Powers Beat the One God-Tier Villain Even Hulk Can't

Proteus is one of the deadliest foes the X-Men have ever faced and even took down the Hulk, and only Colossus could have possibly stood up to him.

x-men colossus has wolverine claws 1
Colossus' Deadliest Upgrade Unleashes His Very Own Wolverine Claws

As part of the All-New, All-Deadly X-Men, Colossus' powers were mixed with those of Wolverine, unlocking the best of both heroes.

x-men colossus earth x 1
Colossus' Darkest Redesign Proves He's More Powerful WITHOUT the X-Men

In the dark future of Earth X, the superstrong hero Colossus is no longer just one of the X-Men - he's the ruler of an entire country.

Ultimate Colossus 1
Colossus vs the Avengers Redefined His Mutant Power Level

In Marvel's Ultimate Universe, Colossus shows why he's the strongest X-Men member by beating the Avengers without even breaking a sweat.

Wolverine and Colossus from X-Men Movies 1
Colossus vs Wolverine Proves His Power CAN Stand up to Adamantium

Wolverine's adamantium claws can cut through anything - but they have a seriously hard time cutting through Colossus' skin for one very good reason.

Marvel Settles Who Would Win In A Fight Between Colossus And The Thing

Marvel finally pits the powerhouses of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four against each other - and reveals who would win in a fight.

Wolverine Colossus 1
Colossus' Most Iconic Fight Was Actually Meant to be Against Wolverine

One of Colossus' most iconic moments in the comics only happened because Wolverine wanted to punish him for betraying their teammate.

Magik New Mutants Limbo Child Golden Armor Featured Image 1
X-Men's Magik Has Marvel's Best Character Arc

The growth that Magik has shown, from being just Colossus' little sister to becoming Queen of Limbo, proves she has Marvel Comics' best character arc.

Colossus Wolverine Marvel Comics - Fight 1
Only Colossus Knows the Best Way to Deal With Wolverine's Wildest Form

With Wolverine taking on one of his wildest forms ever thanks to Wendigo curse, Colossus figured out the best way to deal with him in a Marvel fight.

X-Men Colossus Powers Peter Rasputin 1
X-Men: Colossus' Ultimate Form Proves His Powers Can Make Him a God

When Magneto finally manages to slaughter the X-Men, Colossus unlocks the full potential of his powers, gaining godlike new abilities.

Wolverine colossus 1
Wolverine & Colossus' Adamantium Upgrades Made Them Truly Indestructible

Wolverine and Colossus are two X-Men that are tougher and stronger than most, and after getting adamantium upgrades, they're practically invincible!