Green Arrow


Green Arrow and Black Canary 1
Green Arrow's Love for Black Canary Complicates His Playboy Reputation

Green Arrow is often considered among the DCU's iconic playboys, but his deep devotion to his love Black Canary challenges that reputation.

Green Arrow and Batman Jason Fabok Art 1
Green Arrow's Version of a Classic Batman Foe Debuted 17 Years Earlier

Green Arrow and Batman often steal gimmicks and gadgets from each other, but Green Arrow had one iconic villain years before the Dark Knight.

Green Arrow and Batman Jason Fabok Art 1
Green Arrow Uses His Money To Stop Crime So Much Better Than Batman

Batman has been using his wealth for years to heal Gotham City, but Green Arrow has been using his money to help people much more directly.

green arrow joker leapo the clown 2 1
Green Arrow's First Arch Enemy Was a Blatant Joker Rip-Off

Batman has one of the most iconic rivals of all time, but Green Arrow has struggled to find a true rival — and once tried to just copy the Joker.

Green Arrow and Batman 1
Green Arrow Has the Best Answer For Why Batman Doesn't Kill the Joker

Fans and other DC characters alike have wondered why Batman won't just kill the Joker — but, unexpectedly, Green Arrow has the perfect answer.

The Joker and Green Arrow 1
Green Arrow's Joker Is Even More Extreme Than Batman's

Green Arrow has an entire host of villains, but his version of the Joker is much more terrifying than the actual Clown Prince of Crime.

Kyle Gallner and Green Arrow custom image 1
Smallville Star Shows Off Archery Skills Amid DCU Green Arrow Casting Campaign

Kyle Gallner, who portrayed Bart Allen/Impulse on Smallville, shows off some of his archery skills as he campaigns to play DC Universe's Green Arrow.

Green Arrow and Boxing Glove Arrow DC Comics 1
Green Arrow's Most Iconic Weapon Just Got a Vicious Upgrade

Green Arrow’s iconic Boxing Glove Arrow might be a little ridiculous, but its latest adjustment makes it a true force to be reckoned with.

green arrow sees batman death 1
Green Arrow Predicted Batman's Death Down to the Exact Detail

Back in 2019, Green Arrow predicted Batman's death - now, it turns out he was completely right, as the Dark Knight ends with a bang.

green arrow batman with a bow 1
Green Arrow Debuts a Genius New Gadget (Built by Batman)

As Green Arrow finds himself stranded on an alien world, he does have one advantage - a gadget it took both Batman and the Flash to create.

Green Arrow and Deathstroke DC Comics 1
Green Arrow Cosplay Turns Ollie into the New Deathstroke

An amazing cosplay by @supermanfitt shows Green Arrow finally getting one over on Deathstroke by taking Slade’s mask and making it Oliver’s.

Green Arrow and Batman 1
Batman & Green Arrow's Sidekicks Carry On The Heroes' Legendary Rivalry

Green Arrow and Batman have a legendary rivalry in comics and it seems that even their sidekicks can't help but get in on it.

green arrow new costume future 1
Green Arrow's New Costume & Weapon Unlock a New Level of Power

As Green Arrow survives on an alien world, he adopts a new armored uniform and sci-fi bow, firing devastating chainsaw arrows.

Green Arrow Variant DC Comics 1
New Green Arrow Miniseries Extended to Twelve Issues

Green Arrow’s new miniseries may have just begun, but more stories of Team Arrow are on the way as DC Comics expands the book to twelve issues.

Green Arrow Brings A Fallen Family Member Back To Life

The biggest tragedy in the Green Arrow family has finally been rectified as Roy Harper finally reconnects with someone he lost years ago.

Green Arrow More Powerful than Superman 1
Without Superman, Green Arrow Would Be DC's Most Powerful Hero (Really)

Superman is a powerhouse, but DC has shown that if he were not around the title of the Justice League's most powerful hero might fall to Green Arrow.

Green Arrow in Cover DC Comics pointing his archer up 1
Green Arrow Admits the One Archer Who’s Better Than Him

Oliver Queen may be one of the best archers in the DCU, but a preview for Green Arrow #1 sees the hero reveal the one marksman better than him.

Batman Over Cobwebs and Shoes Lian Harper Wearing a Cheshire Mask 1
Batman's Newest Ally is a Forgotten Green Arrow Family Member

A new ally in Batman's fight against crime in Gotham City, Lian "Shoes" Harper, is also the daughter of Green Arrow Family member Roy Harper.

green arrow family new costumes 1
Green Arrow Family's New Costumes Debut in Official DC Art

Green Arrow writer Joshua Williamson provides an in-depth look at Sean Izaakse’s new and improved costumes for Oliver Queen and his allies.

Peacemaker and Green Arrow DC Comics 1
Peacemaker and Green Arrow Are DC’s Next Big Rivalry in New Cover Art

A cover for Green Arrow #3 sees Oliver Queen’s allies facing off in a deadly confrontation with Peacemaker, hinting at a new rivalry for the DCU.