Nightwing crouching with the entire Bat-Family crowded around him 1
15 Most Important Nightwing Moments That Define the Character

Dick Grayson aka Nightwing has been through a lot in his long career as a hero, with more than a few moments from his past defining who he is today!

Nightwing and Flash laughing in DC Comics. 1
Nightwing Has a Favorite Flash - And It's Not Wally West

Nightwing and Wally West have been best friends for ages, but friendship isn't enough for West to edge out one Flash as Nightwing's favorite.

Nightwing Holding Escrima Sticks 1
The Justice League's Original Opinion of Nightwing Was Shockingly Bad

Before he came into his own as Nightwing, the Justice League assumed the worst of Dick Grayson's Robin — and it's easy to see why they did.

Batman and Nightwing in DC Comics 1
Nightwing's Killer Instinct Could Lead to Batman's Downfall

Nightwing is one of the most beloved heroes in the DC Universe, but his greatest fears prove his killer instinct might bring down Batman.

Nightwing 107 Costume Cover 1
Nightwing's Most Iconic Costumes Are on Display in an Epic New Cover

A new variant cover shows off just how far Nightwing has come as a hero by showcasing some of Dick Grayson’s most notable looks throughout the years.

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Pirate Nightwing Debuts High Fashion for the High Seas in New Art

Ahoy matey! New cover art for Nightwing #107 shows Dick Grayson in a new outfit that'll have fans asking if Nightwing was always meant to be a pirate.

Batman and Nightwing DC 1
"Batman Has Done a Real Number on Dick Grayson:" Nightwing's Hypocrisy Proves Batman Broke His Spirit

Being Batman’s sidekick had some dramatic effects on Nightwing’s personality as another hero calls out Dick Grayson’s hypocrisy over showboating.

Starfire, Batgirl and Nightwing Love Triangle DC Comics 1
Nightwing's Iconic Love Triangle Gets the Twist It Always Needed

The love triangle between Nightwing, Oracle, and Starfire gets a surprising update when Koriand’r reflects on her connection to Barbara Gordon.

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Nightwing's OTHER Codename Confirms His Shocking Marvel Equivalent

Nightwing briefly combined with this surprising Marvel hero for a key event in the nineties, and the resulting codename is beyond perfect.

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1 Insult Perfectly Explains How Nightwing, Red Hood & Robin Are Different

Nightwing, Red Hood and Tim Drake's Robin are very different people - as proved by the cruel nicknames they've been given by Damian Wayne.

Nightwing and Batgirl Romantic DC 1
Nightwing & Batgirl Cosplay Recreates Official Art of DC's Best Couple

Nightwing and Batgirl get an amazing homage in a cosplay set from Cooper Burns that recreates a cover and receives some seriously high praise.

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10 Ways Nightwing Is a Better Hero Than Batman

Batman might be the more famous vigilante, but Nightwing has grown to the point where he’s eclipsed his mentor and become a better hero than Bruce.

Nightwing and the Flash 1
Nightwing Admits He Can Beat Flash Whenever He Wants

Nightwing drops a bombshell by claiming he holds the power and resources to defeat the Flash — and even all of the Titans — singlehandedly.

Nightwing and Red Hood from Annual 1
Nightwing & Red Hood Face the Horrors of Blüdhaven in New DC Halloween Special

Red Hood and Nightwing share the "frightful" spotlight with other fan-favorite DC characters this October in DC's Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun #1.

Nightwing Dan Mora 1
Nightwing Reveals His Version of the Batmobile - & It's Genius

Nightwing may have grown up riding shotgun in Batman's famous Batmobile, but even he knows there's another genius way to travel across a city.

Batman Nightwing Tower of Babel 1
Nightwing Finally Justifies Batman's Biggest 'Mistake' - And He's Right

Nightwing reveals he keeps files on his fellow Titans, much like Batman did with the Justice League—but he puts a far better spin on it.

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11 Costumes That Changed Nightwing's Life Forever

Nightwing has had one of the most satisfying arcs of any DC character. Here are the costumes that have defined Dick Grayson's journey.

Nightwing Sticks DC 1
Nightwing's Most Brutal Weapon Takes The Spotlight in Shocking Cosplay

Nightwing comes to life in an inspired and electrifying cosplay that shows off just how powerful his iconic weapon, the escrima sticks, really are.

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Why DC Fans Are Starting to Prefer Nightwing Over Batman

Nightwing has spent years trying to step out of Batman's shadow. Now it seems as if he finally has as fans are starting to prefer him to his mentor.

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Nightwing Is Officially One of DC's Smartest Heroes Ever (But Gets No Credit)

Nightwing is one of DC's greatest detectives, yet he rarely gets respect as a thinker, despite many achievements that prove he's a literal genius.