Secret Invasion (2023)

Based on the Marvel Comics event, Secret Invasion is a chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that sees Nick Fury attempting to reckon with an alien invasion that has been occurring for years - without humanity even knowing. Fury discovers that the Skrulls have been infiltrating society for far longer than he realized, and danger arises as plans start into motion.

Secret Invasion TV Series Poster
Release Date:
June 21, 2023
Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Emilia Clarke, Cobie Smulders, Olivia Colman, Christopher McDonald, Carmen Ejogo, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Martin Freeman, Don Cheadle
Story By:
Kyle Bradstreet
Kyle Bradstreet
Kyle Bradstreet
Streaming Sevice:
Ali Selim
Kyle Bradstreet
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Marvel's Phase 5 Botches The MCU Timeline Worse Than Ever Before (But We Fixed It)

Marvel's timeline has a lot of problems, but Phase 5 introduced the MCU's worst, prompting a radical redesign of the Sacred Timeline to fix it.

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The MCU's Timeline Confirmation Makes Fury's Avengers DNA Twist Worse

Marvel Studios' new MCU timeline update regarding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 makes Nick Fury's DNA experimentation twist much worse.

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Marvel Ignored The Kill Switch Loophole That Would Fix The MCU's Superpower Problem

Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion introduced the Super Skrulls to the MCU, but one of the villain's major weaknesses from Marvel Comics wasn't included.

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7 Avengers Who Could Leave The Team Forever Because Of Nick Fury’s Big MCU Phase 5 Twist

Nick Fury introduced the Harvest in Phase 5's Secret Invasion, which could spark controversy if any members of the Avengers learn of its existence.

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Marvel Director Feared Death Threats After Changing Iron Man Death 4 Years After Endgame

Marvel Studios director feared death threats after changing Avengers: Endgame's Iron Man death scene due to choices made in Secret Invasion.

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MCU Phase 5 Created A New Sokovia Accords (& It's Just As Useless)

Secret Invasion's finale concluded with President Ritson declaring war on aliens on Earth, harking back to the MCU's controversial Sokovia Accords.

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Marvel's Phase 5 Has Officially Broken The Avengers Worse Than Civil War

11 Years after the Avengers were formed, Marvel's Phase 5 has fatally undermined the MCU's premium superhero team worse than Civil War ever did.

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12 Worst Plot Holes & Mistakes In Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion, Marvel Studios' lowest-rated Disney+ series, perhaps featured more plot holes and story mistakes than any previous MCU adventure.

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Secret Invasion’s Failure Makes 1 DC TV Show Even More Impressive

Secret Invasion's viewing numbers and critical reception make a perhaps surprising DC TV show all the more special when held in comparison.

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The MCU’s Newest Avengers Twist Sets Up An Explosive Reveal In The Marvels

Secret Invasion introduced the Harvest to the MCU, a vial of the collective DNA of many Avengers, which could be very important to 2023's The Marvels.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Just Introduced A Superpower Loophole It Can't Hope To Survive

Aside from a massively disappointing finale, Secret Invasion also creates a brand new problem for the MCU that is almost impossible to resolve.

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MCU Phase 5 Already Revealed Why Captain Marvel Abandoned Earth

Captain Marvel's long absence from the MCU's Earth was already secretly answered during Phase 5's Secret Invasion, thanks to one major revelation.

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13 Biggest MCU Plot Points & Retcons You Missed If You Skipped Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion included several major plot points and retcons regarding the wider state of the MCU, and here is every one of them broken down.

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When Did Rhodey Become a Skrull? 4 Most Popular Theories Analyzed

With Rhodey being revealed as a Skull in Secret Invasion, theories are flying about when he was taken hostage. These are the 4 most popular theories.

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Phase 5's Nick Fury Broke A Cardinal Rule Marvel Upheld For Decades

The MCU's first Phase 5 crossover reveals the secret past Fury hid from the Avengers, and his crimes would never have passed Marvel's oldest rules.

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Marvel Just Ruined The Meaning Of RDJ's "I Am Iron Man" Speech 15 Years Later

The most famous line in the MCU is completely different after the reveal of Nick Fury's dark past in Marvel's Phase 5, insulting Earth's first heroes.

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Yikes! Marvel 's Loki Season 2 Hype Completes The MCU's Disastrous Secret Invasion

The first Loki season 2 poster kicks off the next MCU show’s marketing only three days after Secret Invasion’s disappointing finale aired.

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Phase 5 Continued The MCU's Bucky Insult, 9 Years After The Winter Soldier

Secret Invasion continues to insult the character of Bucky Barnes, still calling him the Winter Soldier even after his journey in the MCU.

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How 1 Dead MCU Character Could Still Return, Despite Secret Invasion Shock

Secret Invasion director Ali Selim discusses the potential Marvel Cinematic Universe future of a major character who died in the Disney+ series

Giah Secret Invasion 1
G'iah's Future As Marvel's Most Powerful Character Addressed By Secret Invasion Director

Secret Invasion's ending set up an exciting new power axis in the MCU, but not even the director knows what Marvel plans for G'iah's future.