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Zoë started out by having a childhood poem about pollution published in a book about recycling, which was arguably the peak of her career. A lifelong fan of stories real and fictional, Zoë is usually found reading, watching, or writing (or sometimes a combination of all three) - though her main hobby is drinking increasingly outlandish flavors of herbal tea. 

Industry Focus

Zoë has been working as a writer and creator since 2017, and is currently Screen Rant's Streaming Editor - which is the perfect excuse to watch as much Netflix as the human body can ethically sustain. 

Favorite Media

Zoë's current favorite recent streaming shows are Succession, Sweet Tooth, Shadow & Bone, and Umbrella Academy (not necessarily in that order). She's never read a theory on a show or movie she didn't like, though the sci-fi ones are always the best. 

Loki season 2 Victor Timely 1
Loki (2021)
Loki Season 2 Risks Making The MCU's Multiverse Fatigue Even Worse

Loki season 2 promises a deeper look into the Marvel Cinematic Universe - but the franchise's recent multiverse forays make this a bigger risk.

Batgirl Blue Beetle movie 1
DC Accidentally Promotes The Cancelled $90m Batgirl Movie You'll Never Get To See

DC's cancelled Batgirl movie accidentally gets more attention brought back to it with one advertisement for the upcoming Blue Beetle film.

Nick Fury Secret Invasion 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
Secret Invasion’s Failure Makes 1 DC TV Show Even More Impressive

Secret Invasion's viewing numbers and critical reception make a perhaps surprising DC TV show all the more special when held in comparison.

The Flash Batman Returns 2 1
The Flash’s “Crime-Free Gotham” Secretly Gives Batman Returns A Tragic Ending

The Flash's update to the story of Batman Returns and Michael Keaton's Batman arc in it changes the 1992 movie, and gives it a far sadder ending.

Rick and Morty Prime 1
Rick and Morty (2013)
Rick And Morty Season 7: Justin Roiland's Exit, Story & Everything We Know

Rick and Morty season 7 has some extremely on-the-nose foreshadowing in the ending of season 6, setting up a promising future for the show.

Sweet-Tooth-Glebhelm-Bear 1
Sweet Tooth (2021)
Sweet Tooth: The Animal Army Explained (& How They’re Different In Comics)

Sweet Tooth's Animal Army serve an important purpose for the plot of the show - but have changed massively from their bloodthirsty comic counterparts.

Secret Invasion ending episode 6 Nick Fury 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
Secret Invasion Ending Explained

The Secret Invasion ending sets up some major plot points for the future of the MCU, all while bringing Nick Fury & Gravik's conflict to a close.

You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained 1
You (2018)
You Season 4, Part 2 Ending Explained

The You season 4, part 2 ending changes a lot for Joe and the rest of the show's characters, all the while setting up real potential for season 5.

Secret Invasion episode 5 Nick Fury Sonya Falsworth 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
Secret Invasion Episode 5 Recap: 7 Most Shocking Reveals

Secret Invasion episode 5 amps up the stakes for Nick Fury one final time before the ending of the show with a series of twists and turns.

Wolverine MCY Yellow Suit Deadpool 3 2000 X-Men Black Suit 1
Wolverine's MCU Costume Has Got X-Men Fans Piling On A Joke From Bryan Singer's 2000 Movie

The introduction of the MCU's Wolverine costume in Deadpool 3 brings back one especially relevant joke in 2000's X-Men movie, drawing many responses.

Iron Man Batman 1
The First DCU Movie Is Copying The MCU & Avoiding The Justice League's Mistake

Details released surrounding the DC Universe's first movie suggest it is mirroring the MCU - and thus avoiding a mistake made with the Justice League.

The Flash Superman Henry Cavill 1
The Flash Honored Henry Cavill's Superman In A Surprising Way 10 Years After Man of Steel

The Flash's official ending cut Henry Cavill's Superman cameo from the movie, but it still manages to honor the character in a different way instead.

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Nick Fury 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
Is That MCU Hero Really Dead? Marvel’s Own Spoiler Reveals The Answer

Secret Invasion episode 3 suggests one MCU hero is definitively dead - but Marvel itself has already provided evidence that seems to disprove this.

The Menu Chef Slowik Margot 1
The Menu (2022)
The Menu Theory Reveals Chef Slowik Actually DID Kill Margot

A dark The Menu theory reveals that Chef Slowik may not have let Margot escape a deadly fate in the movie, based on an early scene in the movie.

Nick Fury Secret Invasion Gravik Super Skrull Avengers 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
The MCU's Fantastic Four Replacement Makes The Missing Avengers Issue Worse

Secret Invasion's looming Skrull plot means that Nick Fury is now up against truly impossible odds without the Avengers to help back him up.

Lex Luthor Live-Action casting 1
Superman: Legacy (2025)
2023's Best TV Show Proves Which Lex Luthor Actor The DCU Needs Most

The best TV show of 2023 effectively showcases just how perfect one Lex Luthor casting choice would be for the upcoming Superman: Legacy movie.

Joker Batman Joaquin Phoenix Robert Pattinson 1
Joker 2’s Release Avoids A Major Problem For The Batman 2

Joker: Folie à Deux's release date prevents an issue for The Batman - Part II that could have sabotaged a key element of the movie's story.

Samuel L Jackson The Avengers 1
Samuel L Jackson Reveals Marvel's Extreme Plot To Retrieve His Stolen Avengers Script

Samuel L. Jackson details the elaborate lengths that Marvel went to in their efforts to try and recover a stolen copy of The Avengers script.

Secret Invasion Episode 1 Gravik Captain Marvel 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
What Happens To Humans Whose Identities Are Taken By Skrulls?

Secret Invasion shows how Skrulls are able to replace human targets so effectively that even those close to the person are unable to realize.

The Flash Barry Allen Batman Supergirl Michael Keaton Sasha Calle 1
The Flash’s Original Cut Ending Would’ve Fixed Every Movie Criticism But One

The Flash's original cut ending would've avoided most of the major criticisms levied at the movie by critics and audiences - except one potent issue.

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