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Shawn S. Lealos is a freelance writer, author, editor, and filmmaker based out of Edmond, Oklahoma by way of The University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. When not working on his writing career, Shawn enjoys his free time by watching movies, playing videogames, reading comics, and obsessing about professional wrestling. 

Industry Focus

Shawn has worked for Screen Rant since 2018 in several roles. He started out as a list writer before moving on into a senior writer role. He is now working on the updates team, targeting everything he loves, from comic book movies to horror flicks to the best in genre television shows.

Favorite Media

Shawn is a proponant of physical media and has a DVD/Blu-ray collection that is closing in on 2,000 titles. His main obsession is anything involved with comic book adaptations. His favorites include anything from the MCU, including the Disney+ shows, as well as indie adaptations such as Locke & Key, Sandman, and classics like The Crow.

Godzilla roars in Tokyo in Godzilla Minus One. 1
Godzilla Minus One: Story, Trailer & Everything We Know About The New Toho Godzilla Movie

Godzilla Minus One is the new Toho Godzilla movie hitting in 2023 and here is everything known about the movie, from the story and trailer to the cast

Idris Elba in Hijack. 1
Hijack (2023)
Hijack Season 2: Everything We Know About The Future Of Apple & Idris Elba's High Altitude Thriller

Idris Elba starred in the Apple TV+ streaming series, and here is all the info known about Hijack season 2 and its cast and story.

lincoln-lawyer-season-3-cast-story-updates-1 1
The Lincoln Lawyer (2022)
The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 - If It's Happening, Story & Everything We Know

Will Netflix make another season of The Lincoln Lawyer after season 2's ending? Here's everything that's known about The Lincoln Lawyer season 3.

Wednesday; Squid Game; Stranger Things 1
25 Biggest Netflix TV Shows Of All Time

Netflix shows continue to break viewing records with the biggest series surpassing the 1 billion hours viewed mark.

Death Stranding movie images from the game. 1
The Death Stranding Movie: Development Progress, Hideo Kojima's Involvement & Everything We Know

The Death Stranding movie news has revealed some exciting information, including the fact that Hideo Kojima will be directly involved with the film.

Prentiss, Rossi and Lewis stand together in an elevator in Criminal Minds Evolution  1
Criminal Minds (2005)
Criminal Mind: Evolution Season 2 - Renewal Status, Returning Cast & Everything We Know

After 15 successful seasons, Criminal Minds was revived as Criminal Minds: Evolution, and the beloved procedural is returning for a season 2.

Sweet Magnolias cast. 1
Sweet Magnolias (2020)
Sweet Magnolias Season 4: Renewal Status, Possible Cast & Everything We Know

Sweet Magnolias season 4 has not been renewed yet, but if it is, here is a look at the cast, storylines, and everything about the show moving forward.

Dean Deaths on supernatural 1
Supernatural (2005)
How Many Times Dean Died In Supernatural

Dean Winchester has died and been resurrected many times in 15 seasons of Supernatural, a show that's infamous bringing characters back from death.

Montage of Solar Opposites, The Hollows, and Trollhunters 1
Gravity Falls (2012)
20 Shows To Watch If You Like Gravity Falls

Disney's Gravity Falls ended in 2016, and fans with a Mystery Shack sized hole in their hearts can check out these other shows.

The Bold Type and High School Musical 1
15 Best Teen Shows With LGBTQ+ Representation

From Love, Victor to High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, teen shows are succeeding at advancing LGBTQ+ representation in television.

The Young Sheldon cast 1
Young Sheldon (2017)
Young Sheldon Complete Cast & Character Guide (Every Season)

Young Sheldon prominently stars the Cooper Family, while also featuring some regular supporting characters. Here's where you know the actors from.

Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Price is Right. 1
12 Longest Running Game Shows In Television History

The game show genre has always been a dominant force on television. From Password to Jeopardy!, which ones have been on the air the longest?

Mia and the hand in Talk to Me 1
Talk To Me 2: If The A24 Horror Will Get A Sequel & Everything We Know

There is a discussion of Talk to Me 2 news, with the brothers Philippou wanting a sequel, and here is everything that is known about those plans.

The cast pf The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart 1
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (2023)
The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Cast & Character Guide

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart cast sees some big names from Hollywood with some great Australian actors rounding out the drama adaptation.

Steven Seagal montage from movies. 1
The 15 Best Steven Seagal Movies, Ranked

From Under Siege to Half Past Dead, Steven Seagal has been entertaining action movie fans for decades. But what are the best Steven Seagal movies?

True Detective 1
True Detective (2014)
True Detective Season 1: Real Life Crime Inspiration Explained

True Detective Season 1's Tuttle Cult was based on a real-life child sex abuse scandal in Hosanna Church, Louisiana. Here are the details of the case.

Montage of the best parody movies. 1
20 Best Parody Movies, Ranked

A great parody combines the familiar with the absurd, making for something truly hilarious and ranking them among the best.

Bobby death on Supernatural 1
Supernatural (2005)
Why Supernatural Killed Off Bobby In Season 7

Bobby Singer is one of the most important supporting characters on Supernatural. So why did the writers kill off his character in season 7?

Hidden Strike movie images. 1
Hidden Strike 2: Confirmation Chances & Everything We Know

With Hidden Strike coming to Netflix, here is a look at everything you need to know about a Hidden Strike 2 with John Cena and Jackie Chan.

Malignant montage of photo and poster 1
Malignant 2: James Wan's Plans, If It's Happening & Everything We Know

James Wan has ideas for Malignant 2, and everything we know about the potential sequel sounds promising - if it gets greenlit, that is.

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