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A player holding levitating a dead character in Baldur's Gate 3 1
How To Talk To The Dead in Baldur's Gate 3

The dead can provide useful information or context during quests in Baldur's Gate 3, but it can be tricky to get the right spell to talk to corpses.

OP characters from Diablo 4 1
5 Best Diablo 4 OP Character Builds

Challenging the higher difficulty World Tiers in Diablo IV is much easier when your character has an OP build that uses their class' best abilities.

pokemongo_beat_sierra 1
How to Beat Sierra In Pokémon GO (August 2023)

Trainers can overcome the dangerous Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra in Pokémon GO in August 2023 by selecting Pokémon with type advantages.

Multiple characters in the field in Baldur’s Gate 3 1
Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Play With Friends (Co-Op Mode)

Larian Studios’ new RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3 can be played solo or in a multiplayer session. Here’s how to activate the co-op mode in Baldur's Gate 3.

Miri the companion from Baludr's Gate 3 1
Where To Find Miri In Baldur’s Gate 3

One of the missions in Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3 has you find and try to rescue a trapped man named Miri in order to progress the main story forward.

A render of Cube Gun and Atom Splitter against a battlefield in Remnant 2. 1
10 Best Weapons In Remnant 2 (& How To Get Them)

There are a lot of amazing weapons in Remnant 2, ranging from starting equipment to late-game entries, all of which are valuable in many builds.

4th July Wordle grid with Charts in the background 1
Today's Wordle Answer & Hints for August 4, 2023 (Puzzle #776)

August 4th’s Wordle answer is used in many Excel sheets and other data-related work to present results or findings in table/graph form.

Palia How to Join The Open BETA 1
Palia: How to Join The Open BETA

Palia is a cozy life sim MMO set to release in 2023, but for those eager to play now, the Open Beta can be accessed with a few simple steps.

pokemongo_beat_cliff 1
How to Beat Cliff In Pokémon GO (August 2023)

Trainers can once again face off against Team GO Rocket's Cliff in Pokémon GO this August 2023 and with the right team he can be easily defeated.

The final boss Annihilation from Remnant 2 1
How To Beat The Final Boss In Remnant 2

The final boss of Remnant 2, Annihilation, has three distinct phases you have to beat to officially complete a campaign run or Adventure Mode roll.

The Ford’s Scattergun in the foreground a character fighting a boss In Remnant 2 1
How To Get Ford’s Scattergun In Remnant 2

A unique item is needed to get Ford's Scattergun, a powerful shotgun in Remnant 2 that can come standard with the starting gear of the Explorer class.

How To get The Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2 1
How To Get The Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2

The Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2 is an piece of gear you can get that enhances a character's evade roll while bypassing any Armor Encumbrance.

Glamrock Freddy looks behind a corner while Vanny crawls through a vent on the right. A render of Glamrock Freddy looks overhead in the center. 1
All Real Collectible Locations In FNAF: Security Breach (Ruin DLC)

The Ruin DLC for Security Breach is full of interesting collectibles that provide fun references to the core game and its various endings.

The World's Edge Sword with gameplay in the background From Remnant 2  1
How To Get The World’s Edge in Remnant 2

World's Edge is a powerful melee weapon that comes equipped with a unique weapon mod in Remnant 2 that you can get by finishing a difficult campaign.

3rd August Wordle grid with a party in the background 1
Today's Wordle Answer & Hints for August 3, 2023 (Puzzle #775)

August 3rd’s Wordle answer can be solved in less than four attempts if players are strategic with their first few attempts.

pokemongo_beat_arlo 1
How to Beat Arlo In Pokémon GO (August 2023)

Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo returns once again in Pokémon GO in August 2023 with a variety of Pokémon to test even experienced Trainers.

A Remnant 2 character stands in front of the Dormant Door in the N’Erudian Facility on the left, with a superimposed character in golden armor on the right. 1
Remnant 2: How to Unlock the Dormant N’Erudian Door

Players need to locate an item called Biome-Control Glyph to open the Dormant Door in the N’Erudian Facility in Remnant 2. Here's its location.

Giovanni returns to Pokémon GO in August 2023 with an unchanged lineup 1
How to Beat Giovanni In Pokémon GO (August 2023)

Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni returns with an unchanged line-up that can be easily defeated in Pokémon GO this August 2023 by selecting the right team.

A hunter guardian in front of a crate with Glimmer from Destiny 2 1
Destiny 2: 7 Best Heroic Events For Earning Glimmer

Destiny 2 players can earn Glimmer in various ways however, there are a few methods that are proven to be more effective and efficient.

A Gunslinger in Remnant 2 to the left, with the Ravager beast to the right. 1
6 Things to Know Before Playing Remnant 2

Remnant 2 can surprise players who are accustomed to soulslike games and even those who played From The Ashes. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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