Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic tells the story of the Star Wars universe long before the Skywalker family altered the fate of the galaxy. The player assumes control of Revan, an amnesiac Force user who finds themselves thrown into the center of the ancient struggle between the Jedi and the Sith. An open-world RPG that allows the player to explore a galaxy of planets, KOTOR puts an emphasis on player choice: Revan must decide whether to save the galaxy, or conquer it.

Star Wars KOTOR game poster
Star Wars
June 15, 2003
BioWare, Obsidian Entertainment, Saber Interactive
Lucasarts, Disney Interactive, Sony Interactive Entertainment
How Long To Beat:
29 Hours
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Star Wars Darth Revan San Diego Comic Con 1
KOTOR's Darth Revan Comes To Life In Thrilling New Star Wars Action Figure

A new Star Wars Vintage Collection action figure brings KOTOR's Darth Revan to life - as part of the game's 20th anniversary celebrations!

Star Wars Grogu and KOTOR 1
Star Wars
1 KOTOR Detail Shaped 4,000 Years Of Star Wars Canon - And Grogu's Biggest Force Moment

Knights of the Old Republic is 20 years old - but one subtle detail continues to influence Star Wars canon, and even shaped Grogu in The Mandalorian!

Three characters from KOTOR 2 stand with their weapons drawn, overlayed is a close up of Kay Vess Star Wars 1
One KOTOR Planet Is Perfect For Making A Return In Star Wars Outlaws

There are tons of planets in the galaxy for Star Wars Outlaws to visit, but one, in particular, is absolutely perfect because of its shady reputation.

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Star Wars Turns Horror In Chilling KotOR Cosplay Video

In this menacing video of a phenomenal Star Wars cosplay, Jedi Bastila Shan comes to life right out of Knights of the Old Republic.

Star Wars Darth Revan and Darth Bane in Canon/Legends 1
Darth Revan vs. Darth Bane: Which Legendary Sith Is More Powerful

The Old Republic's Darth Revan and Darth Bane each left behind major legacies as Lords of the Sith in both Legends and the official canon.

Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and Zayne Carrick from the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic series. 1
Star Wars Missed The Perfect KotOR Skywalker Ancestor, Born 3941 Years Before Anakin

The Knights of the Old Republic comic series introduced Zayne Carrick, a Jedi who would have been the perfect Skywalker ancestor if given the chance.

Knight of the Old Republic Star War Image (Canon or Not) 1
Star Wars: Is KotOR Canon?

In the Disney era, the question of whether or not the Knights of the Old Republic remains canon to the established Sar Wars continuity is tricky.

Star Wars Image With Revan and Bastila Shan 1
Darth Revan & Bastila Shan Team Up In Superb KotOR Cosplay

Incredible Star Wars cosplay features the dynamic team-up of Darth Revan and Jedi Knight Bastila Shan from Knights of the Old Republic.

Darth Revan Star Wars Sith Empire Explained Image 1
Star Wars' Sith Empire Explained and Why Its Fall Was Inevitable

The Old Republic's Sith Empire is as fascinating as it was sinister, a major power before its inevitable fall in both Star Wars Legends and Canon.

Meetra Surik from Star Wars: The Old Republic in the center of artowrk for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The High Republic. 1
How Star Wars' Jedi Exile Became The Bridge Between KotOR & Canon

Star Wars' Jedi Exile evolved from a mysterious hero to a highly compelling character that bridged Knights of the Old Republic and the current canon.

Darth Bane with a Holocron in front on a line of Sith Lords and Jedi Knight Revan. 1
Why KotOR's Revan Is More Important To The Sith Than Even Darth Bane

Darth Bane's Sith line eventually destroyed the Jedi Order, but Knights of the Old Republic showed that Revan was even more important to the Sith.

Darth Revan and a Rakata warrior from Legends. 1
20 KOTOR Characters, Planets & Events That Exist In Star Wars Canon

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic may be exclusive to the Legends continuity, but several aspects of the game have returned to official canon.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a classic in the RPG genre. 1
Incredible KOTOR Cosplay Takes A Jedi To Dantooine

An exceptional Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic cosplay shows one of the game's best Jedi at the enclave on the planet Dantooine.

A cropped section of Knights of the Old Republic 2's key art, showing a Jedi dueling a Sith in the background with T3-M4 and HK-47 off to the side, and Darth Sion brandishing his lightsaber in the foreground. 1
Knights Of The Old Republic 2 Is Better Than KOTOR 1 For A Single Reason

Knights of the Old Republic 2 is often pushed aside in favor of the first game, but its story has one element that makes it the best in the series.

Cal Kestis and BD-1 staring out at the viewer while an Ugnaut is beside them. 1
Cal Kestis Repeats A Boring Star Wars Trend (That KOTOR Remake Won't Fix)

Cal Kestis is a good protagonist, but he also fails to innovate. Although the KOTOR remake could fix this trend, fans shouldn't count on it.

KOTOR Prophecy 1
The Jedi's Darkest Prophecy Makes the Chosen One Look Like a Joke

A vision of doom leads to one of the bleakest moments in all of Star Wars as several Jedi commit the ultimate sin in their attempts to stop the Sith.

Characters from Knights of the Old Republic stand together in classic Star Wars-style key art. 1
KotOR Heroes & Villains Assemble In Stunning Star Wars Tribute

The Jedi heroes and Sith villains of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic assemble in a tremendous tribute to the classic computer games.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic's Bastila Shan. 1
KOTOR Jedi Falls To The Dark Side In Stunning Star Wars Cosplay

A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Jedi Master joins the dark side of the Force in an amazing Bastila cosplay celebrating the Legends character.

A close-up of Cal Kestis in profile, with the left side of the background cut out and replaced by a glowing red lightsaber. 1
Forget Jedi: Survivor, There's A More Exciting Star Wars Game Coming

Jedi: Survivor’s challenging combat and riveting exploration are great, but another Star Wars game could give players more freedom and a deeper story.

Close-up shots of Juhani, Bastila, and Carth from KOTOR. 1
How The KOTOR Remake Can Fix Its Glaring Romance Issues

Although the romance system in the iconic Star Wars RPG was acceptable at its time, a KOTOR remake has the chance to fix one of its biggest issues.