• A Barbie comic gives Ken his perfect ending by finally letting him adopt a horse.
  • Ken's takeover of Barbieland showcases his naive understanding of masculinity and his projection of these ideals onto others.
  • Barbie's heartfelt talk with Ken helps him reject his toxic worldview, leading to a sweet ending where he finds value and happiness.

Ryan Gosling's Ken finally gets what he truly wants in a comic inspired by Greta Gerwig's Barbie. Gosling starred alongside Margot Robbie and an all-star cast in the recent movie, which saw Barbie journey far beyond Barbieland for answers when her life mysteriously is turned upside down. Ken joins Barbie in her travels to the real world, but finds his own answers that lead to him making drastic changes of his own.

In a post shared on her Instagram artist account, Raychelwho explores what happened after Barbie's emotional ending by envisioning a new heartfelt journey taken by Barbie and Ken in order to give Gosling's character something he was sorely missing.

Taking the same road they took out of Barbieland on their first journey, Barbie surprises Ken by taking him to a green field and introducing him to his own horse. Donning his cowboy outfit, an overjoyed and thankful Ken is finally able to find his own happiness with a new friend, thanks to Barbie's help.

Why This Is Ken's Perfect Ending After Barbie

Barbie and Ken in cowgirl and cowboy outfits in Barbie

In Barbie, Ken's journey into the real world provides him with the wrong answers to finding happiness and purpose. Ken is introduced to the concept of patriarchy, and in his search for meaning, he naively believes that submitting himself to these toxic ideals could lead to him finding the value he has been searching for. Upon taking on these qualities, he returns to Barbieland to share what he has learned with the other Kens, leading to them usurping the Barbie government and Ken himself becoming Barbie's surprise third act villain.

As part of Ken's takeover of Barbieland, he not only places the Barbies in subservient roles in his Kendom, but begins to project his naive understanding of masculinity onto the rest of the world. The Kens are waited on with beers from mini fridges, have Mojo Dojo Casa Houses, and have prolonged discussions about horses. None of this satisfies Ken, however, as these elements and the lack of actual horses don't give him the value he desires, and only a heartfelt, encouraging talk from Barbie can allow him to move on, rejecting the toxic worldview he was swept up in.

The above heartwarming Barbie comic is a wonderful oppurtunity to see what could come next for the titular character and Ken. While an official Barbie sequel isn't in the works, the art is a perfect continuation of the film's messages, allowing Ken to find something that makes him feel valued. It's a very sweet ending for a character who, while straying from the path, learns some vital messages by the end of Barbie.

Source: @raychelwho/Instagram