• Charity's hometown dates on The Bachelorette had their ups and downs, with each family meeting leaving a different impression. Aaron's hometown date was spectacular, with his family warmly welcoming Charity.
  • Joey's hometown date had a dark cloud of doubt and regret hanging over it, thanks to a tense interaction with his uncle. Despite this, Joey expressed his love for Charity and received a rose.
  • Xavier's hometown date helped Charity put her concerns to rest, as she saw a wholesome side of him and received immense support from his family. Her feelings for Xavier intensified, and she could see him as her husband.
  • Dotun's hometown date was picture-perfect, with his family fully embracing Charity and their shared connection felt natural. Overall, Charity's confidence in Dotun has never wavered, making him a strong contender for her happily ever after.

On The Bachelorette season 20, episode 6, Charity Lawson visited the hometowns of Aaron Bryant, Dotun Olubeko, Joey Graziadei, and Xavier Bonner, but some of the family meetings were better than others. Charity, a 27-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia, started with 25 men and has now narrowed down her group to just three. She said goodbye to Aaron after his hometown date. Now Dotun, Joey, and Xavier have the possibility of joining Charity for overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

On The Bachelorette season 20, Charity's hometown dates went well for the most part. All four men told her that they were falling in love with her, and she told host Jesse Palmer that she felt the same way about them. She was very conflicted after she said goodbye to Aaron, wondering if she made the right choice. This was because his hometown date went very well, even though they'd been losing momentum before it. Here are Charity's hometown dates, ranked from worst to best, based on her interactions with each of the men and their families.

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4 Joey Graziadei

While it might seem strange to rank Joey's Collegeville, Pennsylvania hometown date last if Aaron was the one Charity sent home, the time spent with his family created doubt in Charity's mind. She had wanted to tell Joey that she was falling in love with him at the end of the date, but Joey's Uncle Joe threw a wrench in that plan. When Uncle Joe joined Charity and Joey on the tennis court during their lesson, he noticed that Joey didn't seem to be acting like his genuine self. He pointed out that this was a pattern with Joey in his past relationships.

Uncle Joe expressed this concern to Charity, who was shocked and confused because she thought she'd been seeing the true Joey. In the end, Charity ended up not telling Joey she was falling in love with him. Joey picked up on the weird vibe between them, and when Charity left, he was concerned that it could be their last goodbye. He later confessed to host Jesse Palmer that he was in love with Charity and not just falling in love with her. He wished he'd told her that. Although Charity gave Joey a rose in the end, their hometown date had a dark cloud of doubt and regret hanging over it.

3 Aaron Bryant

Promo shot of Aaron Bryant The Bachelorette Season 20

Although Charity eliminated Aaron in the end, their Houston, Texas, hometown date was spectacular. His family welcomed her with open arms, and Charity even said she could imagine her future children going to their grandparents' house at their home. Aaron's mother cooked a lot of food for them, and there was a warm family atmosphere. His family liked Charity, and the feeling was mutual.

During their one-on-one time, Aaron brought Charity to a football field for a picnic because football has been a huge part of his life. He gave Charity a letterman jacket with her name on the back that matched his own. He then told her for the first time that he felt like he was falling in love with her. Aaron then played Lauren Alaina's song, "Just Wanna Know That You Love Me," which she had sung for them at a private concert on their one-on-one date. Despite this, Charity sent Aaron home. However, she did so with a lot of doubt, wondering if she made the wrong decision.

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2 Xavier Bonner

Xavier Bonner The Bachelorette Season 20

Charity began her hometown date with Xavier in Cleveland, Ohio, still worried that he sometimes reminded her of her past relationships with whom she wasn't a priority. However, her concerns were finally put to rest when she had her date with Xavier and met his family. He brought her to a knitting store, where he taught her how to knit, which is one of his hobbies. Charity said that her heart swelled when she saw this wholesome side of Xavier.

When Charity met Xavier's family, his mother said in her confessional that she was shocked by the energy between them. She explained that they seemed like they'd been together for a long time. When both his mother and sister assured Charity that Xavier wanted to get married, she was thrilled. Xavier was so happy to have his family's support, which gave him the confidence to tell Charity for the first time that he was falling in love with her. Charity admitted in her confessional that her feelings for Xavier had intensified greatly, and she could see him as her husband.

1 Dotun Olubeko

Dotun originally thought that his parents were in Nigeria and, therefore, wouldn't be able to meet Charity on his hometown date in Fresno, California. However, they surprised them and showed up at the family dinner which his grandmother had cooked. Dotun's family liked Charity very much. His mother told her that if she chose Dotun, she'd whisk her to Nigeria and give her a big wedding. She said that she adopted her already, and she was her daughter. Dotun's grandmother told Charity that she loved her.

After the family meeting, Dotun surprised Charity with a ride in a classic white Thunderbird car. He took her to the drive-in movie theater, which touched her heart because her dad had brought her mom to the drive-in when they were dating. She said that she looks for signs, and when she was with Dotun, it felt right. Dotun played a film that contained their baby and childhood photographs and home videos. It also had scenes from their current relationship. As usual, Charity left Dotun without any doubts in her mind, and they seemed like the perfect pair.

After her hometown dates, it seems clear that Dotun is the one for Charity. It'll be surprising if they don't end up getting engaged. However, The Bachelorette has many twists and turns, so anything could happen. Charity has now expressed doubts about Xavier and Joey, but her confidence in Dotun has never wavered. Whatever happens, hopefully, Charity will get her happily ever after.

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