Blade (2025) (2025)

Marvel Studios' Blade sees the return of the iconic vampire hunter more than two decades after Wesley Snipes first played the character in live-action. Starring Mahershala Ali as Eric Brooks, the Blade reboot officially introduces vampires to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Eternals' second post-credits scene teased the Daywalker's MCU debut. Ali is accompanied by Delroy Lindo and Aaron Pierre in Yann Demange's 2024 dark superhero movie.

Blade MCU Poster
Release Date:
February 14, 2025
Bassam Tariq
Mahershala Ali, Delroy Lindo, Aaron Pierre
Stacy Osei-Kuffour
$164 million
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Mahershala Ali as Blade in concept art and Dane Whitman from Eternals' ending in the MCU 1
Blade Cutting Black Knight Avoids A Massive MCU Problem

The reports that Marvel’s Blade movie set for 2024 has cut Kit Harrington’s Black Knight avoids a massive MCU issue and benefits the film itself.

mahershala ali as eric brooks blade in mcu 1
MCU's Blade Reboot On Pause Ahead Of Filming Start Due To Writers Strike

Just a month before filming was set to begin, Marvel has brought pre-production on Mahershala Ali's Blade to a stop amid the ongoing writers strike.

Mia Goth, Mahershala Ali, and Delroy Lindo side by side. 1
Every Actor Cast In MCU's Blade Movie (So Far)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Blade will release in 2024, with several well-known cast and crew members already confirmed for the project.

Mahershala Ali Blade Movie Black Knight Eternals Cut 1
Blade Update Makes Eternals' Black Knight Tease More Disappointing

Eternals' post-credits scene teased Black Knight's big MCU future, but the latest Blade movie updates make that moment even more disappointing.

blade voice in eternals 1
Marvel's Blade Movie Gets A Very Surprising Writer To Finish Its Story 1 Month Before Filming Starts

Marvel's upcoming Blade Movie adds a very surprising writer to finish the script only a month before principal photography is supposed to start.

Blade moon knight doctor strange 1
Blade Is Poised To Break 1 Major Supernatural MCU Character Trend

Marvel's Blade movie is likely to break one major character trend from the MCU's supernatural world related to the villains' powers with its vampires.

Blade Mahershala Ali Morbius 1
Sony’s Failures Prevent Blade’s Best Vampire Crossover From Happening

The MCU's Blade movie will feature plenty of Marvel vampires, but Sony's failures with Morbius prevent the best crossover from happening.

Mahershala Ali blended in with an MCU promo image for Blade Marvel Movie 1
The MCU's Blade Movie Just Got Its Most Exciting Update In 4 Years

Following the movie being delayed and reports of behind-the-scenes issues beyond losing its director, Marvel's Blade just received an exciting update.

Mia Goth Blade MCU Role Characters 1
6 Marvel Characters Mia Goth Could Play In MCU's Blade

Mia Goth's MCU casting in Blade has kept her role a secret, but there are a few Marvel characters that the horror movie star could be playing.

mahershala ali as eric brooks aka blade in the mcu 1
MCU's Blade Casts A Major Actor For $400m Franchise Reboot Following Recent Marvel Movie Changes

The MCU's upcoming Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali has cast new major star Mia Goth following its various creative setbacks behind the scenes.

Montage of Marvel movies releasing in 2024 1
All 7 Marvel Movies Releasing In 2024

2024 is poised to be a great year for Marvel movies, with four releases from the MCU, two new Sony franchises, and a Spider-Verse return.

Eternals thena blade mahershala ali 1
Blade’s Prequel Setting Can Perfectly Pay Off Marvel’s Eternals Tease

The MCU's Blade movie is rumored to have a prequel setting, and that could be the perfect way to pay off Marvel's tease connecting Blade to Eternals.

Deeadpool and blade 1
Deadpool & Blade In The MCU Makes A Brilliant Ryan Reynolds Joke Possible

Ryan Reynolds return as Deadpool in the MCU opens the door for new jokes at the expense of Marvel, potentially even one concerning the Blade movie.

Mahershala Ali Blade MCU phase 5 1
3 Reasons Blade Is More Important To MCU Phase 5 Than You Realize

Marvel's Blade movie is not coming until 2024, but Mahershala Ali's solo movie is more important to MCU Phase 5 than you might realize.

Blade Dane Whitman Ebony blade 1
Marvel's Blade Update Supports A Troubling Black Knight Theory

Rumors of Marvel's Blade movie cutting the Black Knight give credence to a troubling theory regarding the character's future in the MCU.

blade mahershala ali loki 1
The MCU Already Teased How Dangerous Vampires Will Be In Blade

The MCU will prominently feature vampire villains in Mahershala Ali's Blade movie, but one moment already teased how dangerous they will be.

Split Image: Mahershala Ali as Blade and Kit Harington as Dane Whitman 1
Marvel's Blade Change Risks Making MCU Phase 4's New Problem Worse

Marvel keeps running into behind-the-scenes problems with its Blade reboot--which highlights the MCU's biggest problem with Phase 4.

MCU's Black Knight and Blade. 1
MCU Blade Movie Rumored To Have Cut Eternals' Kit Harington As Black Knight

A post-credits scene from Eternals set up Black Knight to meet Blade in the MCU, but the Kit Harington character may now have a reduced role.

MCU Blade Movie Doctor Strange Twist Brother 1
MCU’s Blade Movie Might Hold A Shocking Doctor Strange Twist

The MCU's Blade movie will better explore the role that vampires have in the shared universe, and this could mean including a Doctor Strange twist.

Mahershala Ali as Blade 1
Mahershala Ali's Blade & Kit Harrington's Black Knight Team Up in MCU Fan Trailer

Mahershala Ali's Blade and Kit Harrington's Black Knight team up together in a new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan-trailer for the new reboot.