Titanic (1997)

Titanic is the 1997 blockbuster romantic/disaster epic based on the events surrounding the sinking of the legendary "unsinkable" vessel. Flashing back to the past and forward to the present, the film primarily follows the stories of the well-to-do and somewhat timid Rose and the poor but lively Jack, star-crossed lovers who meet aboard the doomed ship. In addition, the film tells true and fictionalized accounts of the passengers of the RMS Titanic, with an older Rose recounting her tale to the crew of a research ship. 

Titanic poster
Release Date:
December 19, 1997
James Cameron
David Warner, Kathy Bates, Billy Zane, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gloria Stuart, Frances Fisher, Victor Garber
3h 14m
James Cameron
200 million
Paramount Pictures, 20th Century
Paramount Pictures, 20th Century
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Titanic focuses on Rose's story on board the title ship, but it also revealed some parts of her life after the Titanic and Jack's death.

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How Many People Died On The Titanic In Real Life

James Cameron's Titanic chronicles the true story of the shipwreck, with the real-life event tragically causing the loss of a ton of lives.

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The Titanic is still at the bottom of the ocean, but exactly where is it? Here's the answer, including how deep underwater the ship is.

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Netflix Is Catching Heat For Adding Titanic To Its Library So Soon After Sub Tragedy

Netflix deals with the backlash after it was announced that 1997's Titanic would be available on their library amid news of the Titan tragedy.

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James Cameron Has Spent More Time With The Titanic Than The Ship's Captain After 33 Wreck Dives

Titanic director James Cameron reveals that after 33 dives to the ship's wreckage site, he has spent more time with it than the captain.

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Academy Award-winning director James Cameron is surprised by the similarities between the tragedy of the Titanic and the recent OceanGate submersible.

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Although Titanic's ending is a big part of what makes the film so popular, it actually leaves a huge question about Rose's fate unanswered.

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The Heart of the Ocean sets the events of Titanic into motion, but is the necklace real? Here are the inspirations behind this iconic diamond.

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Every movie has a few scenes that didn't make the film's final cut, whether for better or worse. Here are a few scenes that, luckily, were deleted.

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Titanic Completely Ignored A Chance At Redeeming The First-Class Passengers

Titanic portrayed first-class passengers as snobby and lacking empathy, but it could have redeemed them through the story of one passenger.

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1 Impossible Titanic Scene Is Worse Than Jack And The Door

James Cameron's Titanic has one impossible scene that makes way for a big plot hole, but if it was fixed, the movie couldn't have happened.

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Lovett Would've Lost Titanic's Diamond (Even If Rose Didn't Toss It)

If Brock Lovett had gotten the Heart of the Ocean in Titanic, he probably wouldn't have been able to keep it, nor had Rose if she hadn't hidden it.

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Every Character That Appears In Titanic Heaven (And The One That's Missing)

At the end of Titanic, Rose joins Jack at the ship's Grand Staircase in her version of heaven, and here's every character spotted in that scene.

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Titanic Cast & Character Guide

James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster includes a stellar cast playing some timeless fictional characters and a few real-life historical personalities.

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4 Reasons Titanic Held The Top Box Office Spot For 12 Years

Titanic is a timeless love story set aboard the ship of dreams that sat at #1 at the box office for 12 years. So, how did it stay at the top so long?

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Titanic has the perfect conclusion to the doomed romance of Jack and Rose, but the Oscar-winning James Cameron movie almost had a different ending.

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1 Real-Life Detail Makes Titanic's Controversial Door Scene More Interesting

Among the many details in Titanic based on real parts of the ship is the controversial door, showing that it couldn't have carried both Jack and Rose.

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Titanic True Story: Who Was The Richest Passenger?

Titanic has a mix of fictional and real-life characters, and it made sure to include the ship's richest passenger – but who was it?