• Alex Grant adds intrigue and complexity to the Bondurant murder case in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, as he is Mickey's best path to getting Lisa acquitted.
  • Michael A. Goorjian plays Alex Grant, a construction company owner with ties to the Armenian mob, and he becomes a suspect in Bondurant's murder due to his threatening email and dangerous connections.
  • Grant's involvement in illegal activities on his construction sites, as confirmed by an FBI letter, puts him in danger and poses a threat to Mickey and his team in The Lincoln Lawyer season 3.

This article contains spoilers for The Lincoln Lawyer season 2. Of the many new characters introduced in Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, Alex Grant is one that adds a certain layer of intrigue and complexity to the Bondurant murder case. The Lincoln Lawyer is a legal drama based on novels by Michael Connelly, and currently has two seasons streaming on Netflix. The series follows Mickey Haller, a not-so-traditional Los Angeles lawyer who begins taking on major legal cases in the area, despite working out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 first introduces Alex Grant to The Lincoln Lawyer cast in episode 4. The season begins with Mickey having earned some serious success after the events of the previous season, however, not every part of his new fame is sunny. For example, Mickey gets sucked into a complex whodunit mystery, except, the murderer is his client. Furthermore, Mickey finds himself helping his one-night stand, Lisa, but the case that began as an unjust restraining order from a land developer, Mitchell Bondurant, quickly devolved into murder. Alex Grant's name first comes up when Mickey discovers that he sent a threatening email to Bondurant.

Michael A. Goorjian Plays Alex Grant In The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

Michael Goorjian

Alex Grant is played by Michael A. Goorjian in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2. Goorjian is an American actor, writer, and director who has been active in Hollywood since the early 1990s. He is best known for roles such as Bob in SLC Punk!, Steven in Forever Young, and Christopher in Illusion. In fact, along with co-starring in 2004's Illusion with Kirk Douglas, the film was also Goorjian's first successful foray into directing. Goorjian has many impressive credits to his name, and The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 is just another submission on the list.

Goorjian's Alex Grant makes his first physical appearance on The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, part 2, but in particular, episode 6. It begins when Lorna discovers that Grant is a big fan of an artist named Tinto, and Mickey get a website made to lure him with a fake Tinto painting. When Grant arrives at the art gallery and realizes he is being subpoenaed to testify for Lisa, he fights it, forcing himself and Mickey into a courtroom. Mickey ultimately tricks Grant into showing his importance to the case, however the moment of truth is still yet to come.

Alex Grant's Job & Connection To The Mob Explained

alex grant the lincoln lawyer

According to The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, Alex Grant is the owner of a construction company and also a member of the Armenian mob. Additionally, Grant appears to be Mickey Haller's key to arousing reasonable doubt that Lisa killed Mitchell Bondurant. Grant is a construction company owner whose business was involved with Bondurant's own company, and tensions had risen when Bondurant began losing money in their deal, leading to the threatening email. Furthermore, Grant's real last name is Kazarian, and he and several of his family members have ties to the Armenian mob, which proved his suspicious background, making reasonable doubt easier to obtain.

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One particularly damning piece of evidence against Grant and his mob connections came from an FBI letter that confirmed the organization's suspicions about Grant and his activities. As it turned out, Grant was involved in a plethora of illegal activities, specifically on his construction sites, however, no evidence could be gathered to have him arrested. Bondurant knew this about Grant and tipped off the FBI, which is why they sent their letter of suspicion. In this way, Grant's relationship with Bondurant put him in danger of being condemned for his criminal background.

How Alex Grant Is Involved With Mitchell Bondurant's Death

Mickey and Lisa stand up at court in The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Part 2 finale.

Ultimately, Mickey's focus on Alex Grant was not misplaced. As previously mentioned, Grant and Bondurant were working together and Grant actively threatened Bondurant. More than that though, Grant has a dangerous connection to Bondurant through Henry and a man named David Webber. David works for Grant, and together, the pair were financing Henry's podcast in order to get closer to the case and make sure Lisa went down for Bondurant's murder. This suspicious activity, paired with Grant's already rocky relationship with Bondurant and his criminal past make him a perfect suspect in Bondurant's murder.

All in all, Alex Grant presents an unexpected twist in the Bondurant murder case, however, he is Mickey's best path to getting Lisa acquitted. Michael A. Goorjian's character offers a new story behind Bondurant's murder, but more than that, opens up a much more significant can of worms in that, after their stunts, Mickey and his team may no longer be safe. Alex Grant is a dangerous man with dangerous connections, and The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 may see Grant return in the future in an even more lethal position.