Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Superman and Lois season 3, episode 2, "Uncontrollable Forces."A frequent complaint of DC Comics' speedster coworkers was finally addressed in Superman and Lois season 3. Many modern superhero stories devoted to heroes like The Flash have explored the serious logistics of life in the fast lane, such as a speedster's increased metabolism requiring a special diet that meets the energy needs of someone running faster than sound. The Superman and Lois episode "Uncontrollable Forces" was more tongue in cheek, however, poking fun at a frequent trope in superhero shows like Smallville and the Arrowverse series.

The action of "Uncontrollable Forces" found Clark Kent and Lois Lane teaming up to investigate a judge that was believed to be in the pocket of crime boss Bruno Mannheim. It was the first time in years the reporter couple had worked together on a story together, though Lois ironically complained about her super-fast husband holding her up. She also reminded Clark about how the last time they worked together to ambush a corrupt official he forgot to turn on their tape recorder while trying to catch a confession.

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Superman & Lois Makes A Joke About Super-Speed Consequences

Superman and Lois Season 3 Chrissy Beppo and flying papers

Once Lois is done outlining the conditions by which she'll agree to a team-up with her husband, the two vanish in a rush of wind that sends papers flying around the office of the Smallville Gazette. This indoor tornado is observed with dismay by their coworker Chrissy Beppo, who learned of Clark Kent's secret life as Superman in the Superman and Lois season 2 finale. With a sigh, Chrissy looks around the office and wonders out loud, "Where are the paperweights?" While this line was clearly meant in fun, it did highlight how frequently speedster superheroes in DC Comics shows tend to disrupt their offices by sending papers flying.

Superman & Lois’ Joke Finally Addresses This Silly Problem

The Flash Season 1 Papers Fly As Barry Leaves STAR Labs

The speedster paper problem has come up repeatedly in series before Superman and Lois. Clark Kent frequently made a mess of Chloe Sullivan's desk in Smallville when he rushed off to save the day. Barry Allen also disheveled the STAR Labs command center in The Flash quite often, sending papers flying and messing up the hair of his long-haired associates. This raises the question of why none of these offices seem to have paperweights to prevent this sort of thing from happening, particularly when the speedster's coworkers are aware of their double life.

The obvious answer is that showing the speedsters powers in action can be expensive. Sending papers into the air through the use of a fan or a compressed air cannon is a cheap and economical way to suggest rapid movement without resorting to CGI. The trope has become abused in superhero shows over the past decade, so it is good that Superman and Lois is addressing the issue and hanging a lampshade upon it. It remains to be seen, however, if Chrissy will continue to clean up after Clark or if she will ever find out what happened to her paperweights.

Superman and Lois season 3 continues on Tuesdays on The CW.

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