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16 Romantic Movies With Tragic Endings

While most love stories have a happy ending, these tragic tear-jerkers end in sadness - and fans love them for it.

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10 Movies Every Hopeless Romantic Will Fall In Love With

The best romance films have characters defying all odds for love, which captures the hearts of all hopeless romantics.

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Every Nicholas Sparks Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Nicholas Sparks adaptations have made up a popular subgenre of romance movies since the 1990s, but not every novel-to-film translation ranks the same.

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10 Movie Love Stories That Will Change Any Cynical Romantic

While not everyone is a romance movie fan, there are some films that are so love-infused, even the most cynical viewer will fall in love with them.

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The Notebook (2004)
Is The Notebook Based On A True Story?

The 2000s movie The Notebook is known for its sad, romantic plot, and Nicholas Sparks was motivated to write his popular novel based on a real couple.

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10 Most Popular Romance Movie Tropes Of 2022

From fake relationships to workplace romances, these are the tropes that have taken over 2022 romance movies.

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Marvel Teases Multiversal Adventure for its Newest Queer Couple

Captain Britain and Askani are Marvel’s newest gay couple, and it seems that a multiverse-spanning adventure lie ahead for Betsy and Rachel.

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10 Best Guilty Pleasure Romance Movies

Guilty pleasure movies are nothing new, but each summer Netflix lets out the newest cheesy romance for fans to enjoy, guilt free or not.

Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy's Love Has One Huge Flaw

Poison Ivy is desperate for Harley Quinn to save her - but the Harley she's placed on a pedestal bears little resemblance to the real person.

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Scarlet Witch's Best Romance Was With Another Magic Hero, Not Vision

Scarlet Witch and Vision are a historic Marvel couple. Yet, her more recent romance with a fellow sorcerer proves far better for Wanda's wellbeing.

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10 Most Epic Love Stories In Movies, According To Ranker

Romance movies have been popular throughout movie history, but which ones cemented their place in the hearts of the viewers?

Top 10 Best Podcasts About Romance Novels

Romance novels come in every flavor from tawdry to tame, and the podcasts that follow them provide just as much variety.

Ms. Marvel, Wolverine & More Find Love in New Marvel Romance Series

Love Unlimited is a new weekly released Infinity Comic from Marvel Unlimited that will highlight the romance and heartbreak of beloved Marvel heroes.

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How To Do D&D Romance Right (& Wrong)

It can be difficult to tell stories of love and romance in Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs, so here are tips to avoid common pitfalls.

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The 10 Best Romance Movies Of The 2000s, According To Letterboxd

From Punch Drunk Love to Brokeback Mountain, these are the best romance movies of the 2000s according to Letterboxd.

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10 Subtle Romantic Gestures That Sealed The Deal For These Movie Couples

It doesn't always take a grand romantic gesture to prove your love - these beloved movie couples set a new standard for less is more.

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Manga Fans Looking For Adorable Trans Romance Need The Bride Was a Boy

An autobiographical manga called The Bride Was a Boy shows a wholesome romance that every fan of manga and trans representation should read.

Fangs Is the Wholesome Vampire-Werewolf Romance Comic You Must Read

Fangs by Sarah Andersen, best known for her comic Sarah's Scribbles, is a wholesome and relatable love story...starring a werewolf and a vampire.

Classic Romance Gets a Memento Twist in French Comic 'Always Never'

Always Never, a new romance comic from France, leans into the Memento-style of storytelling to offer a unique perspective on a classic tale.

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The Catchiest Songs of Encanto, Based on YouTube Views

Encanto's songs are all catchy as heck, although "certain" songs are getting a lot more replays on YouTube (It's We Don't Talk About Bruno).