Smallville includes many DC superheroes, but some are teased without making major appearances. Smallville tells the origin story of the young Clark Kent (Tom Welling), who discovers that he is actually an alien refugee named Kal-El. Over Smallville's 10-season run, Clark learns about his Kryptonian heritage and hones his powers, eventually developing the ability to fly and becoming the hero known as Superman and inspiring many fellow humans to become heroes themselves.

While primarily a show focused on the heroic journey of the young Clark Kent becoming Superman, Smallville is full of other DC heroes, with Clark even being one of the founding members of the show's version of the Justice League. With Smallville so steeped in DC Comics mythology, many other heroes are referenced or make minor appearances on the show without properly appearing. These characters include some of Superman's most well-known allies.

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15 Hawkgirl

Legends of Tomorrow - Hawkgirl

Hawkman's fellow hero Shiera Sanders Hall, a.ka. Hawkgirl, shares his powers of reincarnation and uses the strength-enhancing Nth metal for both her wings and weaponry. Portrayed as a member of both the Justice Society of America and the Justice League in various comic book stories and adaptations, Hawkgirl is established as the deceased love of Carter Hall, a.k.a. Hawkman (Michael Shanks), and like him, a founding member of the JSA. Though Shiera never appears as Hawkgirl on Smallville, her mace and helmet are also shown, while she briefly appears to Carter in a vision in the episode "Shield," with Shiera played by Sahar Biniaz.

14 The Spectre

The Spectre Face from DC Comics Art

The green-hooded hero known as the Spectre is one of DC's most powerful characters, with numerous heroes carrying the mantle of the Spectre, most notably Jim Corrigan. The Spectre essentially bonds with a host, granting them immortality and reality-bending abilities. Most famously in live-action, Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen of Arrow becomes the Spectre to save the multiverse on the Crisis On Infinite Earths mini-series. The Spectre never appears on Smallville but is seen in a painting of JSA in the season nine two-part episode "Absolute Justice."

13 Hourman

Hourman from DC Comics

Numerous men have taken on the role of Hourman in DC Comics lore, namely Rex, Rick, and Matthew Tyler, all wielding the power of Miraclo, which grants the user numerous superhuman abilities. The Rex Tyler Hourman is established as one of the JSA's early members in Smallville's season nine two-parter "Absolute Justice," with Hourman seen in a portrait of the JSA during their heroic heyday.

12 Doctor Mid-Nite

Doctor Mid-Nite in DC Comics

Numerous characters have been known as Doctor Mid-Nite in DC Comics, including Charles McNider, Beth Chapel, and Pieter Cross. Each wields advanced tech and a brilliant mind for their crime-fighting lives. Smallville includes Doctor Mid-Nite among its heroic pantheon, with Doctor Mid-Nite seen in a portrait of the Justice Society of America in the Smallville season nine episode "Absolute Justice".

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11 Mister Terrific

mister terrific james gunn tease

Another DC hero with multiple characters bearing his title, Mister Terrific is the moniker adopted by both Terry Sloan and Michael Holt, with both being heroes operating at peak athleticism with brains to match. Mister Terrific does not appear at any point on Smallville, but the Terry Sloan Mister Terrific presence in the Smallville universe is established in the season nine episode "Absolute Justice," with Mister Terrific visible in the painting of the Justice Society of America during their time as heroes.

10 Wildcat

Ted Grant as Wildcat in the comics

Ted Grant, a.k.a. Wildcat, is known in DC lore as both a world-class boxer, a skilled martial artist, and a long-standing hero sustained by nine lives. Ted Grant has also trained numerous other DC heroes in unarmed combat, including Batman and Superman. Wildcat is seen in Smallville's season nine two-parter "Absolute Justice," with Wildcat a member of the JSA forced into retirement by the U.S. government. Wildcat can be seen in the JSA portrait in the episode, while he is also shown in unearthed black-and-white footage, where he is portrayed by Roger Haskett.

9 Red Tornado

Ma Hunkel Red Tornado

Several DC characters have taken on the heroic persona of Red Tornado, with Abigail "Ma" Hunkel being the primary Red Tornado and wielding superhuman strength in her superhero identity. Red Tornado is included in the portrait of the Justice Society of America in "Absolute Justice." Additionally, the two-parter also shows black-and-white footage of the retired superhero, played on Smallville by Deborah Cole.

8 The Atom

The Atom DC Comics

Another of DC's heroes to have numerous individuals assume the mantle, Al Pratt, Ray Palmer, Paul Hoben, Adam Cray, Ryan Choi, and Rhonda Piñeda have been The Atom at various points. With each Atom utilizing shrinking technology, the character's live-action portrayals have included Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer and Osric Chau as Ryan Choi in the Arrowverse, and Choi being played by Zheng Kai in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Smallville shows the first Atom Al Pratt as a former member of the JSA in season nine's "Absolute Justice," with Pratt briefly played by Glenn Hoffman in black-and-white footage viewed by Clark and Chloe.

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7 Black Canary (Dinah Drake)

Arrow Dinah Drake Black Canary

Smallville includes Dinah Lance, a.k.a. Black Canary (Alaina Huffman), as an active member of the Justice League, but in DC's comic book history, she is the second Black Canary, following her mother, Dinah Drake. Wielding the super-powered scream known as the Canary Cry, the Dinah Drake Black Canary is established as one of the JSA's former members in "Absolute Justice," with Dinah included in the portrait of the JSA.

6 Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Alan Scott Lantern Power Ring DC Comics

While most Green Lanterns in DC lore are members of the interplanetary Green Lantern Corps, the original Lantern, Alan Scott, has a completely different backstory. Like Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and other contemporary Lanterns, Scott's Power Ring similarly creates solid light constructs, with his ring's backstory more based on magic than the will-based power of most other Lanterns. Alan Scott appears in season nine's "Absolute Justice," played by Doug Pinton and established as a former member of the JSA. Alan Scott would also later return in the Smallville season 11 comic.

5 The Flash (Jay Garrick)

Like Alan Scott, Jay Garrick is a classic DC hero and the first character to carry the mantle of The Flash in DC Comics, with John Wesley Shipp playing Jay on The Flash TV series in the Arrowverse. Jay never appears on Smallville but is referenced by name in the season four episode "Run," in which Clark encounters a young speedster named Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner). When Clark meets Bart, he is carrying numerous fake I.D.s, one of which identifies him as "Jay Garrick." Additionally, Jay Garrick is also referenced in the Smallville two-part episode "Absolute Justice," with black and white archival footage showing Jay (Billy Mitchell) as one of the original members of the JSA.

4 The Flash (Barry Allen)

Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller custom image

The most famous of DC's heroic Speedsters, Barry Allen is a long-standing member of the Justice League and known as the Fastest Man Alive for his Super-Speed. John Wesley Shipp, Grant Gustin, and Ezra Miller are each known as the live-action Barry Allens of DC movies and TV, with all three appearing on the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover. Barry never makes an appearance in the Smallville universe, but he is referenced in Smallville's season episode "Run," with Smallville's young Flash Bart Allen carrying a second fake I.D. with the name "Barry Allen."

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3 The Flash (Wally West)

Wally West DC Comics

In DC lore, Wally West is the nephew of Barry Allen who begins heroic life as the Speedster known as Kid Flash. Wally becomes The Flash after the apparent death of his uncle but remains an important Speedster after Barry's return. Wally is name-dropped in Smallville's season four episode "Run," with Bart carrying a third fake I.D. with the name "Wally West." When Bart expresses surprise that Clark was able to see him despite his super-speed, Clark replies, "Maybe you're not the only one who can move like that," a subtle in-joke to both Clark's own super-speed and that of Bart's fellow Speedsters named on his fake I.D.s.

2 Wonder Woman

Comic art of Superman and Wonder Woman

The Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman is repeatedly referenced on Smallville, beginning with the season one episode "Hourglass" in a vision of Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) as a future villain, with a skeleton with bracelets and a tiara visible. Season nine's "Warrior" also sees Lois Lane (Erica Durance) cosplay in a very Woman Woman-esque costume at a fan convention. In the season 10 episode "Fortune," Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) also tells Clark she has met "a wondrous woman who's gonna throw you for a loop" during her time away. Eventually, Wonder Woman would appear in the Smallville universe in the Smallville season 11 comic, with Diana meeting Superman in the arc titled "Olympus."

1 Batman

Though the makers of Smallville wanted Batman on the show, the production of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy at the time prevented it, but the series nevertheless makes numerous references to the Caped Crusader. Gotham City is referenced by name numerous times on Smallville, such as in the season six episodes "Reunion" and "Hydro." Additionally, the city of Blüdhaven is referenced in the season one episode "Zero," Blüdhaven being the city once protected by Batman's former apprentice Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing.

However, the most direct reference to Batman comes in the season 10 episode "Fortune," in which Chloe Sullivan mentions meeting "A billionaire with high-tech toys" during her time away. While Justin Hartley's Green Arrow takes Batman's place in Smallville, Clark eventually meets Batman in the Smallvilleseason 11 comic book. With Batman fittingly appearing in an arc titled "Detective," he and the fully formed Superman finally join forces as the World's Finest at last in the Smallville universe.