• Andrea could make a return in future episodes of The Lincoln Lawyer thanks to Yaya DaCosta's impressive performance.
  • Legal dramas thrive on recurring characters, and similar shows like Ally McBeal and The Practice have shown that familiar faces add depth to the storytelling.
  • It's important to build an overall ensemble and maintain continuity to keep legal dramas engaging.

A breakout character from The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 could return in future episodes. Yaya DaCosta, known for her role as April Sexton in Chicago Med, joined the cast as the formidable prosecutor Andrea Freeman. She squares off against Manuel Garcia-Rulfo's lead character Mickey Haller, showcasing her ability to keep him off balance during Lisa Trammell's central trial. The courtroom adversaries come to an understanding by the end of season 2, though the chances of a reappearance by Andrea remain unstated.

In an interview with The New York Times following The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 finale, showrunner Ted Humphrey was asked directly about whether DaCosta will reprise her role. The showrunner offers a direct response and talks about how Andrea's character factors into the books on which the Netflix show is based. He also praises DaCosta's performance. Read his comments below:

She is if we’re fortunate enough to keep doing it. Andrea as a character does not continue in the books, but we loved Yaya’s performance so we just came up with ways to keep that character alive.

Yaya DeCosta as Andrea in The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 in an elevator with Mikey

All the best legal dramas have a deep bench of familiar faces. Going back to shows like Ally McBeal and The Practice, which elevated legal dramas to one of the most popular genres on television in the late 1990s, the two shows leaned on recurring judges and prosecutors for either comedic or long-term storytelling potential. Some of the judges on The Practice, for instance, became close to regular characters. Even an example of Better Call Saul, which was not always focused on the legal side of the story, still had major and minor recurring characters that popped up throughout the seasons. The Lincoln Lawyer has mostly followed this lesson.

The Netflix show hails from David E. Kelley, who created Ally McBeal and The Practice. Humphrey was a writer-producer on The Good Wife, which had its own group of memorable recurring faces that added a reliable spark to the proceedings. LisaGay Hamilton recurred in The Lincoln Lawyer season 1 as Judge Mary Holder, for instance, appearing in 5 episodes. But the show is still new enough that it can build its overall ensemble.

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DaCosta as Andrea is a great choice, given that The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 effectively builds up a sense of intrigue around the character and her interactions with Mickey. Season 3, if it happens, could build on that dynamic and serve as a necessary continuity that helps legal dramas thrive. Fortunately, it sounds like the show's creative team is well aware of that benefit.

Source: The New York Times