Avengers: Secret Wars (2027)

Avengers: Secret Wars is the sixth Avengers film and takes place during phase six of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. The film will see several heroes from the prior phases return and battle against a cosmic threat to rival Thanos, and borrows elements of the Marvel Comics event of the same name.

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Release Date:
May 1, 2027
Kathryn Newton, Jonathan Majors, Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Wong, Hailee Steinfeld, Dominique Thorne, Anthony Mackie, Brie Larson, Simu Liu, Benedict Cumberbatch, Iman Vellani, Chris Hemsworth, Xochitl Gomez
Not Yet Rated
Michael Waldron
$500 million
Marvel Studios
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Avengers: The Kang Dynasty
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Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness Scarlet Witch 1
Avengers 6 May Be Leaving Out A Powerful Marvel Hero Despite MCU Phase 4 Appearance

During a recent interview, one MCU Phase 4 actor may have revealed that their character won't be returning to the franchise anytime soon.

tom holland spider-man in the mcu with animated miles morales 1
Live-Action Miles Morales Is Great News For The MCU’s Secret Wars

Sony are developing a live-action film focused on Miles Morales' Spider-Man, which may be perfect for Marvel Studios' upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars.

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15 Avengers Who Can Return For Kang Dynasty & Secret Wars

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars are expected to boast an impressive cast, which may see the return of many of the MCU's Avengers.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Avengers: Endgame 1
Secret Wars’ Best Endgame Trick Could Be The End Of MCU’s Avengers

The MCU Multiverse Saga's ultimate culmination will be in Avengers: Secret Wars, which could also mark the end of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Oscar Isaac as Spider-Man 2099 1
Oscar Isaac As Live-Action Spider-Man 2099 Joins Earth's Mightiest Heroes In Avengers 6 Fan Art

After voicing the role in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Oscar Isaac becomes the MCU's live-action Spider-Man 2099 in new Avengers 6 fan art.

Kang Celestials Venom 1
8 Ways MCU Phase 4 & 5 Are Already Setting Up Avengers 6

The MCU is headed towards the big event of Avengers 6, titled Secret Wars, and Phases 4 and 5 have set up the movie in eight key ways.

Avengers: Secret Wars fan poster with several MCU heroes. 1
Iron Man, Steve Rogers, Black Widow & Multiverse Spider-Man Actors Return In Avengers 6 Fan Poster

Avengers: Secret Wars is rumored to include several live-action Marvel actors, and an epic fan poster unites MCU and multiverse heroes.

malekith in the mcu and in war of the realms in marvel comics 1
Avengers 6 Can Redeem The Thor Villain The MCU Ruined

One wasted villain introduced in Thor: The Dark World could see redemption in the MCU's Phase 6, if Secret Wars adapts this major Marvel Comics story.

adam warlock in the mcu 1
Avengers 5 & 6 Must Give Us The Adam Warlock That 4 MCU Movies Failed To

Adam Warlock's MCU introduction in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 came in a surprising fashion, but Phase 6's Avengers films can fix any concerns.

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10 Versions Of Iron Man We Want To See In Avengers 5 & 6

These Iron Man variants could be a way for the MCU to include a future Iron Man cameo without disrupting the legacy of Earth-616's Tony Stark.

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1 Avengers 6 Theory Seems Much More Likely After Recent Kang Reports

Marvel reportedly didn't always plan for Kang to be the main villain of the Multiverse Saga, which makes an Avengers 6 theory more likely.

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Spider-Man's True MCU Replacement Cannot Be Introduced Until The End Of Phase 6

The MCU's Spider-Man can be replaced, but not until the end of Phase 6 with what will no doubt be Marvel Studios' biggest crossover event yet.

Avengers endgame Tom Holland Spiderman 1
Spider-Man Leads The Avengers In Secret Wars: Smart MCU Theory Explained

An MCU theory suggests Spider-Man will lead the Avengers team in Secret Wars thanks to the events of No Way Home and the final spell.

Iron Man, Loki, and Gamora's Multiversal Variants in the MCU 1
Marvel Proves RDJ's Avengers 6 Return Wouldn't Ruin Iron Man's Endgame Death

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's Gamora confirms a key characteristic of multiversal variants, which supports Iron Man's eventual MCU return.

mcu_characters_moresignificant_kang 1
8 MCU Heroes More Important For Secret Wars Than The Kang Dynasty

Several heroes need to come back for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, but in the case of some, it's more important that they return for Secret Wars.

Fan poster for Avengers: Secret Wars showing the new version of the team, with the characters involved by shadows. 1
Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom Is The Villain Of Avengers: Secret Wars In Marvel Movie Fan Poster

A new Avengers: Secret Wars fan poster swaps out Jonathan Majors' Kang for the Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom as the Multiverse Saga's final villain.

The Guardians of the Galaxy and Kang the Conqueror in the MCU 1
Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Solves A Big Avengers: Secret Wars Problem

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's post-credits scene confirms that the team can return in Avengers: Secret Wars without ruining their final farewell.

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If Marvel Makes Deadpool 4, It Should Definitely Be This Story

One hilarious Deadpool storyline from Marvel Comics presents the perfect plot for the Merc with a Mouth's MCU future after Avengers: Secret Wars.

The Avengers Captain America Black Widow Hawkeye 1
Secret Wars Ending MCU Phase 6 Would Break A Post-Avengers Tradition

Avengers: Secret Wars is believed to serve as the conclusion of Phase 6. Here's how this would move break a long-running MCU tradition.

Thanos and art from the Secret Wars event in Marvel comics 1
Marvel Can Pull Their Infinity War Move Again With Avengers 6

Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame were genre-defining movies, and it's the Multiverse Saga finale may be borrowing a key narrative choice.